mkt 3010/ch .7/vocab


Autocratic Buying Center

A buying center in which one person makes a decision alone though there may be multiple participants.


A group refusal to deal commercially with some organization to protect against its policies.

Business-To- Business (B2B) Marketing

The process of buying and selling goods or services to be used in the production of other goods and services or consumption by the buying organization of the resell by the wholesaler and retailers.


The buying center participant who handles the paperwork of actual purchase.

Buying Center

The group of people typically responsible for the buying decision then a large organization.

Consensus Buying Center

A buying center in which all members of the team must reach a collective agreement that they can support a particular purchase.

Consultative Buying Center Decider

A bank center in which one person make the decision but here she solicit input from others before doing so.

Democratic Buying Center

a buying center in which the majority rules in making decisions.

Derived Demand

The linkage between consumers demand for a companies output and its purchase of necessary input to manufacture assemble the particular output.


What type of reseller for marketing intermediary that resells manufactured products without significantly Lee altering their form distributors often by from manufactures insult other businesses like retailers in a B2B transaction.


The banks in a participant who controls information or access to decision-makers and influencers.


The buying center participant whose views influence other members of the buying center in making the final decision.


The buying center participant of the first death of buying a particular product or service.

Modified Rebuy

Refers to when the buyer has purchased a similar product in the past but has decided to change some specifications such as the desired price quality level customer service level options or so forth.

New Buy

In a B2B setting a purchase of a good or service for the first time the buying decision is likely to be quite involved because the buyer or the buying organization does not have any experience with the item

Organizational Culture

Reflect the set of values traditions and customs that guide a firm's employees behavior.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The process through which by organizations and by alternative suppliers to bid on supplying the required components.


Marketing intermediaries The resell manufactured products with nothing medically altering their form.

Straight Rebuy

Refers to in the buyer buying organization simply buys additional unit of products that have previously been purchased.


The person who consumes to use the product or service purchased by the buying center.

Web Portal

An Internet site whose purpose is to be a major starting point for uses when they connect to the web.


The firms engaged and buying taking title to often storing and physically handling go it's in large quantities then reselling the good usually in smaller quantities to retailers or industrial it or business users.