Step 3


Treatment for dermatitis herpetiformis

dapsone and gluten-free diet

Ober test

Iliotibial band contraction
pt on side and lifts and extends leg

Patrick test

test for
OA of the hip

Neer test

subacromial impingement

Hawkins test

Pain indicates
rotator cuff tear or impingement
. Flex elbow to 90 degrees and abduct the arm to ninety and internally rotate humerus.

Braggard's Test

pain on dorsiflexion = disc lesion or

erythema multiform

Seen with HSV and with drug reactions

Mycosis fungiodes presentation?

Skin patches or plaques that are cutaneous T cell lymphoma with atypical CD4+ cells

Thomas Test

hip flexor tightness

Lachman's Test

ACL tear

Necrobiosis lipoidica

death of fat cells, skin discoloration (purple, brownish); complaints on shins (pretibial erythematous papules)
associated with diabetes

treatment for sporotrichosis

oral itraconazole

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis pathophysiology

widespread apoptosis of keritinocytes

P. acnes

anaerobic gram + bacillus

Trichophyton rubrum

tinea corporis (dermatophyte)

Lichen planus - characteristics and treatment

P's: Purple, polygonal, pruritic, papules, phlexural
Topical steroids > oral (if topicals don't work)
Tacrolimus if in the genital area

Diagnostic test and treatment of BPPV

*D*ix Hallpike =
ix Hallpike = *D*iagnose
pley's maneuver = Erase


Severe form of tinea capitus, erythematous scaly plaque with or without oozing and crusting

Anterior fontanelle becomes...


When do you give PEP with hep A vaccine?

If >12 months old and have known exposure within the past 2 weeks, but do NOT have acute symptoms.
If develop acute symptoms, treatment is symptomatic care. Self-limiting illness with good prognosis

When is betamethasone used for pregnancy?

When GA <34 weeks and labor or induction of labor is indicated

In a patient diagnosed with GDM, what medications should you use if exercise and diet fail?

Insulin or glyburide
(metformin is avoided since it can cross the placental barrier and lead to hypoglycemia)

Benefit of using mirtazapine in MDD?

Has beneficial side effect of weight gain and sedation (useful if patient has weight loss and insomnia with MDD)

Classic history finding in spinal stenosis

Relieved with leaning forward, worsens with standing/walking (forward opens the spinal cord, and leaning back leads to further impingement and irritation of the nerves)

What medications do you administer post-MI? What if stent is placed?

ACE-i, beta blocker, statin, ASA
If stent placed- add clopidogrel

Antitode for benzodiazepine overdose


What tests should you get prior to starting lithium

BUN/Cr, UPT, thyroid
(nephrogenic DI, Ebstein's anomaly, hypothyroidism)


San Joaquin Valley fever, endemic fungus in deserts of southwest (worsens with earthquakes)
Respiratory symptoms most common
Erythema nodosum is a common finding
Spherules with endospores
Tx: lung azoles vs amphotericin B + azoles if systemic

Normal ABI


3/sec spike and wave pattern on EEG

absence seizure

what type of collagen is messed up in OI? E.D?

OI = type I collagen
ED = type III collagen

Avoidant personality disorder

A personality disorder characterized by consistent discomfort and restraint in social situations, overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, and extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation.
Different from schizoid where they have few friends and don't want any.

Treatment for acute gout


Treatment for PSGN?

supportive care; most often results in full recovery

Mechanism of allergic contact dermatitis

protein haptenation
(causes red, itchy, scaly patches)

Mechanism of hives

mast cell activation

Treatment of nephrogenic DI

restrict salt and increase water intake, can use thiazide diuretics (i.e. amiloride)

What medication slows the progression of ALS?


Bronze diabetes

hereditary hemochromatosis

In hereditary hemochromatosis, you will have ____ transferrin


Triad of hereditary hemochromatosis

Diabetes, hepatic cirrhosis, skin hyperpigmentation

Elevated AMA


Mycobacterium tuberculosis meningitis

markedly elevated protein, reduced glucose, lymphocytes

Treatment for neisseria meningitis

vancomycin, ceftriaxone, steroids (have shown to have mortality benefit when used with antibiotics); and then rifampin for close contacts.

What liver finding can happen with OCP use? treatment?

Finding: hepatic adenoma
Treatment: leave if <5cm and asymptomatic; resect if >5cm or symptomatic

Treatment for mono

supportive (ibuprofen)

Lab value for heparin


Treatment for akathesia?

Feeling of restlessness
Treatment: beta blockers or benztropine; if caused by antipsychotics, first reduce the dose. If that doesn't work, switch to another medication

CLL presentation

Usually asymptomatic ; can present with painless cervical lymphadenopathy; proliferation of mature lymphocytes, but incompetent.
smudge cells
Lymphocytes + CD5

Treatment for AOM?

Amoxicillin (or azithromycin) for 10days. If no improvement in 2-3 days, switch to amox-clav
Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain control

When are tympanostomy tubes indicated?

-at least 3 episodes in 6 months
-4 episodes in 12 months with persistent effusion

Treatment of typanostomy tube otorrhea?

topical antibiotics (ofloxacin OR cipro-dexamethasone)

Treatment of pyelonephritis

antibiotics - ceftriaxone OR cefepime

Which adults should be vaccinated for Hep A?

Those who work in close contact with kids, from endemic areas
Traveling to endemic area

Which adults should be vaccinated for Hep B?

- sexually active with multiple partners

Which adults should be vaccinated with HPV?

- b/w 11-12 yo
- can be given between 13-26 if they have not received
- can also be given up to age 45 if have thusfar been negative for HPV and have potential to contract

When do you give the herpes zoster vaccine?

-age 50

Who should receive the pneumococcal vaccine?

> 65 yo
should receive one time the 23 polyvalent vaccine.
-get revaccinated 5 years later.
Anyone > 19 yo with certain co-morbid conditions
- h/o lung disease
-chronic heart, liver, lung (including asthma), and kidney disease
-asplenia (eg sickle cel