Communication Chapters 8-10


The desire to stay in a relationship no matter what happens.

Obsessive Relational Intrusion

This occurs when one partner expresses a substantially higher level of interest in the relationship than the other.


This reflects the resources we put into a relationship.

Unmet Expectation of Equitable Investment

Two partners, married for six months, both with full time jobs. One begins to become dissatisfied with the other, due to a lack of help around the house. Dissatisfaction is due to the fact..


Wants to feel emotionally close to girlfriend, but also wants to make his own decisions. What dialectical tension?

Health benefits of Marriage

Married people..Live longer, tend to be healthier, and are less likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. (NOT: better sexual health)

It is exclusive

The practice of polygamy is an exception to which social expectation about marriage?

How does my heart feel?

When considering a spouse, someone from an individualistic culture such as the U.S. would likely ask:

Same-sex partners

Communication and satisfaction levels in same-sex partnerships are equal to/resemble those of opposite-sex partnerships. Some enter formal relationships known as domestic partnerships.


Most new relationships end at this stage of Knapp's stage model.


At this stage of relationship formation, a deep commitment has formed and there is a strong sense that the relationship has its own identity.


In this marriage type, spouses adopt conventional gender roles and tend to avoid conflict.


According to Gottman's couple typology, this type of couple handles disagreements in a way that is open, but discussions tend to be competitive rather than cooperative.

Take conflict less personally

Preliminary research has shown that, compared to heterosexual couples, homosexual couples tend to..


Gottman discovered that satisfied couples maintain this ratio of positive to negative communication

Why is the discussion of routine, mundane tasks important to consider in long-term romantic relationships?

Most relational communication fits in this category, handling these tasks can become a major area of contention, and the way couples handle these tasks reflects the balance of power in the relationship.


During this stage of Knapp's relationship termination, couples decrease both the quality and frequency of their interactions.

Marital Relationships

From a legal perspective, these are the most heavily regulated relationships in the United States

Family of Origin

The family that consists of parents and siblings


Going back and forth between two sides of a tension, is a characteristic of which strategy for dealing with dialectical tensions?


During conflict episodes, someone playing this family role tends to agree with whatever is said in order to keep others from getting angry.


You send this type of confirming message when you signal that you agree with what another person is saying.

Neutrality vs. Empathy

Kim said how her weekend plans fell apart. A said "Not everything goes the way you want, that's life." B said "I'm sorry for you, you must be disappointed". Which of Gibb's message types reflects the difference between the two responses?

Confirming Messages

Behaviors that indicate to other people how much we value them.


Strategy for giving non evaluative feedback involves asking questions that will give you more information about what the person is expecting.


True or false. Most relationships have some measure of interdependence, what differentiates them is their degree of interdependence.


Dialectical tensions are rare in most intimate relationships


People in arranged marriages are usually unhappy with their relationship


Research has shown that much of the communication that typically occurs during the initiation phase is now being done online


The experimenting stage of relationship development occurs when people meet and interact for the first time


Couples tend to progress through the stages of coming together in much the same way


Single parent families can include biological children, stepchildren, and or adopted children


Research indicates that most American households are headed by a married couple


Mother, son, grand father, and aunt are all examples of family rules


Siblings usually comprise a child's first peer group


An impervious response is one that ignores the person to whom you are responding

Need to belong theory

This theory says that each of us is born with a fundamental drive to seek, form, maintain, and protect strong social relationships

Emotional, material, and health

Friendships and other social relationships often involve these types of rewards

Emotional continuity

which of the following is not an emotional reward commonly associated with close relationships? comfort, happiness, emotional continuity, or empathy

Interpersonal attraction

The force that draws people together

People with strong social networks are more than twice as likely to survive a heart attack

A true statement about potential health benefits of relationships

Task attraction

When you meet Carrie, you are drawn to her as a friend because she is an excellent piano player, just like you are. This is an example of what form of attraction?

Uncertainty reduction theory

This theory predicts that the more we learn about someone, the more we like that person


Forming relationships with people like ourselves is socially validating, and we are genetically inclined to help those who are similar to our cells. spending time with people like ourselves makes us feel better about our self, but conversely, forming relationships with people unlike ourselves is not more interesting or enjoyable

Approach behaviour

When we experience any form of attraction for someone else, we are likely to engage in blank, behaviors that signal our interest in another person

Comparison level

This is your realistic expectation of what you think you deserve from a relationship

Friendships are the same in both sexes

Which of the following statements about friendships is not true? They are voluntary, governed by rules, the same in both sexes, and usually occur between peers

Your sister, because you are siblings in the same family

Which of the following represents a peer relationship for you? A graduate student instructor who teaches a class you're taking, your sister, your boss, your parents

Ground rules

When you establish a friendship with a supervisor at work, it is a good idea to establish blank to prevent potential problems

Don't be jealous of your friends other friends

Which of the following is one of the friendship rules identified in a study by communication researchers Argyle and Henderson? protect your friend from potential threats, don't tell your friend information that might hurt their feelings, don't be jealous of your friends other friends, or routinely tell your friend that you care about him or her

Both women and men see their opposite sex friends as more loyal and helpful than their same sex friends

What is not true regarding sex differences in friendships?

They are almost always closer than same sex friendships

What is not true regarding opposite sex friendships?

Nascent friendship

In the blank stage of friendship, people begin to think of themselves as friends and their communication becomes more personal

Waning friendship

In the blank stage of friendship, people begin to drift apart and might lose contact with one another

Moving away

Which of the following reasons is most commonly cited for ending a friendship due to changes in life circumstances? Having a child, moving away, getting married, experiencing an illness in the family

Being friends with your coworkers and boss, customers and clients, and maintaining personal boundaries at work

Research shows that this is positively related to your job satisfaction

Based on his performance, you feel that he does not deserve it

Which of the following reflects the task dimension of your relationship with a friend Eric who's up for a promotion? based on his performance you feel he does not deserve the promotion, as his friend you want him to get it, if he doesn't get it you will consult him and cheer him up, all are examples

Quid pro quo

Which type of sexual harassment includes requesting romantic or sexual favors in return for preferential treatment at work?

Close friendships with clients can put workers in an uncomfortable or unethical position

What is a correct statement about relationships with clients at work?

Attitude similarity is the strongest predictor of initial attraction

When forming friendships, people find several forms of similarity to be attractive. what is true according to research?


According to the need to belong, we need relationships that are both emotionally close and interactive


Smoking cigarettes is worse for your health then not having close relationships


A good relationship does not involve any sort of cost to you


Other things being equal, we are more likely to form social relationships with people we see often than with people we don't


When it comes to forming friendships, similarity is good and complementarity is bad


Uncertainty reduction theory suggests that people get to know each other if they believe the effort will be worth it


According to equity theory, it's better to be equally benefited them to be over benefited


Just because friendship is voluntary, that doesn't mean we choose our friends arbitrarily


Friendship rules are almost always explicit, rather than implicit


Work relationships usually involve both a task dimension and a social dimension


Research indicates that becoming friends with your customers is almost always bad for business


A multidimensional response to any event that enhances or inhibits your goals is known as a

Emotions have an identifiable cause whereas moods do not

How are emotions and moods different?


This emotion involves feelings of joy and surprise, along with the experiences of excitement and attraction for another person


Which of the following emotions is derived from the product of your overall evaluation of another person? Liking, love, interest, affection


The emotion we experience when we feel we have been wronged in some way


During counseling with his wife, Edith, Harris freakily rolled his eyes making rude and condescending remarks. this open mocking in front of their counselor, demonstrates that Paris is in what emotional state?

sad participants produced more words than non sad participants

Hancock study of emotional contagion online found all of the following EXCEPT?

Envy involves wanting something that another person has

regarding the relationship between jealousy and envy, what is a true statement?


Your text described five stages in the grieving process. Which of the following was not among them? Depression, retribution, bargaining, anger

The amygdala responds to several primary emotions

All of the following are true about the amygdala except. the amygdala is a small cluster of neurons in the spinal cord, in response to fear the amygdala causes our heart and breathing rates to increase, the amygdala response to several primary emotions, and it causes stress hormone levels to rise when we feel afraid

Emotions are cognitive

During a normal conversation with a friend you begin to notice that you feel very uncomfortable, stomach in knots, palms sweaty, legs are weak. You remember that before talking to your friend, you are nervous because you have a test. This illustrates the fact that...


The action tendency for this emotion is to hide or disappear from others


Which of the following emotions has a neutral valence? Surprise, happiness, contentment, positivity


Which of the following is an example of a primary emotion? Jealousy, anger, contempt, remorse

They feel fear that their comrades will stigmatize them

Soldiers decline treatment for post traumatic stress disorder primarily because...

After contact with Western cultures, preliterate cultures tend to adopt Western display rules

What is not true about cultural displays of emotion?


This display rule involves acting as though you're indifferent or emotionless when you are actually experiencing an emotion

Emotional contagion

When one member of a group spreads his or her emotional state to others, blank has taken place

Online support communities are a viable option for helping people deal with a difficult situation

What is a true statement about communication technology?

Emotional jealousy

According to your text, women are more likely than men to experience...

Are more emotionally expressive than highly masculine people

In the expression of emotion, androgynous people...


People who score highly on this personality trait are more likely than others to experience anger, guilt, anxiety, and depression


A condition in which people lack the ability to understand, describe, and process emotions

Emotional reappraisal

The process involving changing the way you think about the situation that gave rise to a negative emotion

It fails to acknowledge the part you play in determining your feelings

Using you statement are problematic because


Social practices in messages influence both the emotions we feel in the ways in which we react to emotion


Emotions generally last longer than moods


Remorse is a secondary emotion composed of disgust and fear


Where are sadness is an emotion, depression is an illness


Social anxiety is a rare and serious psychological disorder


People raised in collectivistic cultures typically express more negative emotion to outsiders then do people raised in individualistic cultures


Women are more likely than men to respond to jealousy by trying to make their partners jealous


The emotional contagion effect applies only to positive emotions, such as happiness


Denying and suppressing self emotion can contribute to a number of health problems


People who can accurately identify which emotion they're feeling are best equipped to manage their emotions in productive ways


In every measurable way, women are more emotional than men

Minimization of interdependence

All are characteristics of an intimate relationship except..Need for deep commitment, minimization of interdependence, dialectical tensions, continuous investment

S is currently over benefited in their relationship, and is investing less that J. The relationship will survive a period of brief inequity as long as long term equity is maintained.

J and S are long time friends. S lost her job, accepted offer by J to stay with her. S does some of the cooking while staying there. According to equity theory, what is true about this relationship scenario?

Knapp's 5 Stages of Relationship formation

Initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, and bonding

Knapp's 5 Stages of relationship termination

Differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, and terminating

Family roles

Placater, Blamer, Computer, and Distractor