world geography

absolutely and relative

What are the two types of location?

5 themes of geography-movement, region, location, human environment Interaction, place

what does Mr. LIP stand for

volcanos, landslides, erosion

3 examples of physical geography


what is the Greek word for geography


who are the people that look at the events over time on the Earth


who are the people that look at the use of space on the Earth and the interactions between people and the land they live on.


the study of the earth's physical and human features.

Earth's physical features

The study of _______ is called physical geography.

Human activity and the relationship to the environment

Human geography studies what

3 examples of physical geography

hydrology, glaciology, climatology


the exchange of goods, services, ideas, and people


An area of the Earth surface with common characters

what are the two types of Location

Absolute locationRelative location

human environment interaction

voluntary construction extraction of resources farming involuntary natural disasters


the unique physical and human characteristics that make a area special

global positioning system

What does GPS stand for?

Geographic Information System

What does GIS stand for?

navigational system that can determine ABSOLUTE location

What is GPS?

computer programs that process and organize details

what is GIS?

voluntary and involuntary

what are the two types of human environment Interaction

the exact place on earth

what is absolute location

describes a place in relation to other places

what is relative location