Chapter 4 - Estates and Interests in Real Property (RQs- KOVAT)

a household furnishing

An example of personal property is:A) a household furnishing.B) a gas range.C) a built-in dishwasher.D) a disposal.

chattel mortgage

Which of the following does NOT apply to real property?A) Chattel mortgage.B) Fee simple.C) Fixture.D) Appurtenances.

a beneficiary's rights under a trust

Which of the following is personal property?A) Mineral rights.B) Water rights.C) A beneficiary's rights under a trustinvolving real property.D) Trees.


Generally, things or objects of a temporary or easily movable nature are:A) fixtures.B) included.C) personalty.D) appurtenances.

ceiling fan in a bedroom

An example of a fixture is a:A) portable dishwasher.B) dining room china cabinet.C) ceiling fan in a bedroom.D) sink in a beauty salon.

a bill of sale

When the contract for the sale of real property includes the sale of certain removable items, such as refrigerators and furniture, upon delivery of the deed the seller should also deliver:A) a bill of sale.B) an estoppel certificate.C) a chattel mortgage.D) a satisfaction piece.

a trade fixture

Which of the following is NOT an appurtenance?A) A barn.B) An orchard.C) A fence.D) A trade fixture.

the method of annexation

Which of the following is a factor in determining whether an article of property is a fixture?A) The value of the article.B) Its size.C) Its weight.D) The method of annexation.

personal if not real

Property is:A) real if it is tangible.B) personal if a fixture.C) personal if not real.D) All of the above.


Which of the following is (are) personal property?A) Fixtures.B) Mortgages.C) Air rights.D) Water rights.

may, under certain circumstances, become personal property.

Property classed as real property:A) must always remain real property.B) may, under certain circumstances, become personal property.C) is never, under any circumstances,exempt from taxes.D) may not be owned by aliens.

personal property is anything that is notreal property

Regarding property:A) A trade fixture is real property.B) Personal property is anything that is notreal property.C) A fixture is personalty.D) Chattels are realty.


Which of the following types of property isnormally NOT real property?A) Appurtenances.B) Furniture.C) Fixtures.D) Shrubs.


Which of the following statements is true?A) A bill of sale is used to transfer title to a fixture.B) Refrigerators are not usually considered fixtures in private homes.C) A chattel mortgage is used to financethe purchase of land.D) Chattels automatically pass with a saleof land.


Which of the following terms is out of place?A) Real estate.B) Real property.C) RealtorĀ®D) Realty.


Trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. which grownaturally and do not require annual planting are:A) emblements.B) personalty.C) realty.D) intangible.

bundle of rights.

The rights of possession, control, dispositionand enjoyment which accompany ownershipare called:A) corporeal ownership.B) incorporeal ownership.C) bundle of rights.D) survivorship.

a waterway

A riparian owner is one who owns land bounding on:A) municipal property.B) a waterway.C) a national forest.D) unsurveyed public lands.

stone piled on a property

Real estate includes all of these EXCEPT:A) a garage.B) stone piled on a property.C) an in-ground swimming pool.D) a screened patio or porch.

bundle of rights-

The legal rights attached to real property are referred to as the:A) situs.B) bundle of rights.C) severance rights.D) reliction rights.


Land includes all of the following EXCEPT:A) surface rights.B) subsurface rights.C) air above the surface.D) structures.

the mineral rights will automatically pass to the buyer unless they are specifically reserved by the seller.

When a New Jersey farmer sells his property:A) the mineral rights will automatically pass to the buyer unless they are specifically reserved by the seller.B) the air rights must be specifically described in the deed for the buyer toget title thereto.C) he must record the deed.D) he must report the sale to the Farmers Home Administration.


The boundary of your property line can bechanged by:A) accretion.B) amortization.C) avulsion.D) acceleration.


Crops which grow on land and require annual planting and cultivation are:A) personalty.B) realty.C) real property.D) improvements.

the right to absolute control of the property.

Which of the following is NOT a part of the owner's "bundle of rights"?A) The right to evict a tenant for cause.B) The right to pass title by will.C) The right to absolute control of the property.D) The right to dispose of the property.


When the course of a stream is suddenly changed by natural forces, it is called:A) erosion.B) alluvion.C) avulsion.D) dereliction.


When title is gained because a portion of awater course permanently dries up, exposingland, it is called:A) reliction.B) erosion.C) accretion.D) alluvion.

be sold or leased

Air rights may:A) be sold or leased.B) be leased only.C) be sold only.D) not be retained by the seller when the land is sold.


Which of the following is NOT a type of lifeestate?A) Legal.B) Conventional.C) Indefeasible.D) Pur autre vie.

a life or the lives of one or more persons.

The duration of a life estate is:A) a fixed term.B) potentially infinite.C) a life or the lives of one or more persons.D) not to exceed 99 years.

lease her interest

An owner of a life estate can do ALL BUT ONE of the following:(A) Sell her interest.(B) Mortgage her interest.(C) Devise her interest.(D) Lease her interest.

an easement

A widow who is willed the use of the family home for the rest of her natural life, with provision that title shall go to the children upon her death, holds:A) a fee simple estate.B) a leasehold.C) an easement.D) a life estate.

because it is based on life, the holder may not encumber it

Which of the following is correct regarding alife estate?A) It must be measured by the life of the grantee only.B) Because it is based on life, the holder may not encumber it.C) It may be created by will or deed.D) It requires that the holder make principal payments on anyencumbrances.

joint tenancy

An estate for years may also be called a:A) joint tenancy.B) leasehold.C) periodic estate.D) freehold estate.

a dower

An ownership interest in real property is known as:A) an estate.B) a dower.C) a curtesy.D) a possession.


The return of land to the grantor or his heirs when the grant is over is:A) remainder.B) reversion.C) kickback.D) status quo.

a life estate.

An estate in land vested in a grantee "until he marries" is properly classifiable as:A) an estate in equity.B) a defeasible fee.C) a less-than-freehold estate.D) a life estate.


Another term for items that are not real property is:A) chattels.B) personal property.C) personalty.D) All of the above.

reverts back to the grantor

A life estate is conveyed to A for the life of X. A dies. Title:A) reverts back to the grantor.B) passes on to X.C) goes to A's heirs until the death of X.D) None of the above.


A conveyance of a life estate where the fee atthe end of the life estate goes to someone other than the grantor is a life estate with a:A) remainder.B) reversion.C) reservation.D) restriction.

a reversion-

Magna grants a life estate to Carter with thestipulation that the property will go back to Magna when Carter dies. In this case, Magna has:A) a remainder.B) a right of reentry.C) a life estate.D) a reversion.

deciding to lease the land on a long-term lease

If Jones holds a fee simple estate in property, which of the following acts will result in his being left with a less-than-freehold estate?A) assigning a right of way to a utility company.B) deciding to lease the land on a long-term lease.C) selling the mineral and oil rights to another party.D) None of the above.

can exist with another estate in the same property at the same time

A life estate is an estate in real property. It:A) can only come into being by grant.B) can exist with another estate in the same property at the same time.C) is not a freehold estate.D) is always limited to the life of the grantee.

ceil holds a life estate; Bill, an estate in reversion.

If Alan deeded 40 acres of land to Bill for the life of Ceil, which of the following statements would be true?A) Bill holds a life estate; Alan, an estate in remainder.B) Bill holds a life estate; Alan, an estate in reversion.C) Bill holds a fee simple estate; Ceil, a life estate.D) Ceil holds a life estate; Bill, an estate in reversion.

mortgage it

If Charlotte Roose owns property in fee simple she can do all of the following with the property EXCEPT:A) mortgage it.B) lease it.C) sell it.D) condemn it.

a reversion

Faith conveys a house to Hope for life, then to Charity. Hope's heirs have:A) no estate or interest.B) the same interest Hope had.C) a reversion.D) a remainder.

a life estate-

Full and complete ownership of land as recognized today exists most nearly in:A) a life estate.B) an estate in remainder.C) a fee simple estate.D) an estate in reversion.

a life estate

An example of a freehold estate is:A) a life estate.B) a periodic estate.C) an estate at will.D) an estate for years.