Geography Test


the study of everything on Earth


the way a person looks at something

Spatial Perspective

geographers observe physical and human characteristics of our planet as they vary over space to explain what they see


The scenery of places, which includes physical, human, and cultural features


study of maps and map taking


Study of weather


An area with one or more common features that make it different from surrounding areas (Ex: cities,states,countries)

Human Geography

Looks at the distribution and characteristics of the worlds people(Ex: where they live, their way of life, or how they make things)

Physical geography

focuses on Earth's natural environments(Ex: landforms, animals)

Physical Features of a Region

climate, river systems, etc.

Human Features of a Region

Language, religion, etc.

Formal Region

Has one or more common features that make it different from surrounding areas(Defined by: population, crops, income levels, and rainfall)

Functional Region

made up of different places that are linked together and function as a unit

Perceptual Region

Involves human perception and reflect human feelings and attitudes


A pattern conversed of lines that run in east-west and north-south directions on a grid


East and West (left and right)Also known as parallels


North and south (up and down)Also known as meridians


Imaginary line that circles the globe halfway between Earths North and South Pole.Also divides earth into the northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Prime Meridian

Line drawn from North to South Pole

Absolute location

Exactly where it is on a map

Relative location

Directions like north, south, east, and west are used to help describe where one place is in relation to another

Great circle Route

Shortest route between any two places on the planet

Distance scale

Helps determine real distance between points on a map


Connecting or bordering


rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground.

Location, Place, regions, movement, Human-Environment Interaction

5 Themes of Geography

Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern

5 Oceans

Population Maps

shows the population of an area

Economic Maps

show an area's natural resources

Topography Map

Shows elevation in areas

Climate Map

Shows the temperature and climate of an area

Population Pyramid

shows the distribution of population by age and sex