Sponge Quiz #3

What power does the judicial branch hold?

interpreting laws

What is one of the injustices included in the original Constitution and addressed by amendments?

Voting Rights

What is a criticism of the Constitution?

Winner of the popular vote may not win the presidency.

With the 1789 Constitution, who had power to establish qualifications for voting?


What has allowed the Constitution to endure for more than 200 years?

Changing ideas of liberty are incorporated by amendments.

What phrase is given to the House of Representatives because laws funding government must begin in the House?

Significant power of the purse

Constitution amendments:

Proposal always is at the national level and ratification at the state level.

What event showed how feeble the Confederation Congress and pushed to revise the Articles?

Shay's Rebellion

Why did small states accept the Great Compromise?

Equal representation in the Senate.

.In the Electoral College states get the number of electors is

equal to its number of representatives in both houses of Congress.

What idea did the Anti-federalist find the Constitution lacked?

A list of individual rights

The New Jersey Plan was designed to stay close to which document?

Articles of Confederation

Large States favored the Virginia plan because

representation would be based on population

What Supreme Court case granted the national government the right to establish a bank and gave justification for implied powers?

McCulloch v Maryland, 1819

What is one of the main ways political parties influence how the Constitution is interpreted?

By helping determine candidates for offices

What is the name of the group of executive department heads who advise the president?


Under the Constitution, who holds the actual power to elect the president?

Electoral college

What part of the Constitution states the goals for the new government?