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What are the 3 dimensions of health?

Social, Physical, Emotional/Mental

Explain each dimension and how it influences your health. Give examples of factors within each dimension.

Physical health improves your health, Social makes it easy to adapt with others, and Emotional/Mental can affect how we think

Life expectancy

Average period that a person may expect to live

Life Span

Length of time for which a person live

Quality of Life

Standard of health, comfort, and happiness

How much sleep does a teenager need each night?

8-10 Hours

Give examples of how the following affect our environmental health: Physical, Social, Mental and technology

Physical Health can disrupt how the body worksSocial Health can cause mental health problems. Technology can effect human health and safety

What are some criteria we should use when researching and reading health information online that would help us decide if the article is credible information?

Don't use wiki website or suspicious websites

In healthcare what is the difference between a PCP and a specialist?

PCP will be your doctor and the PCP refers to the specialist

What does it mean to be an advocate in your community?

To be a leader or manager in the community

What is the FDA and how does the organization influence community and personal health?

FDA Means Food and Drug Administration and it makes sure your medicine is valid and safe


one's feelings of high or low self-worth

Self Image

the characteristics that a person sees in himself or herself

Defense mechanisms

A mental process to avoid conflict or anxiety

Why do we use defense mechanisms

Deal with stress reduce anxiety avoid hurtful emotions

How can the way we express our emotions affect our health?

It can cause us to do either bad or good things

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which need must be satisfied first? What is self-actualization?

Self Actualization. Self Actualization is the morality creativity spontaneity problem solving lack or prejustice and acceptance of facts


extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain


positive stress


Anything that causes stress

Fight or flight response

Response triggered when we feel strong emotion

What are some characteristics of people with high self esteem?

Appreciate themselves and others, enjoy growing as a person, to dig deep within themselves

What are some things that may happen if we do not manage our stress well?

High blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

What are the stages of grief? Do people experience these in the same order and the same way?

Denial Anger Acceptance Depression

What are some symptoms or behaviors of ADHD

inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity

What are some symptoms of OCD

Checking that the door is locked, excessive hand washing, fear of germs and more.

Are mental illnesses real health conditions?

Yes they are and people think they aren't because "If you can't point something physical its not a illness

How can we improve our self esteem?

Recognize strengths, accept weaknesses, accept compliments


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