Ch. 17 Mindtap

An advertising schedule in which a portion of the advertising campaign runs continuously during the entire campaign and additional advertising is used during specific times to intensify the level of communication with the target audience is called _______.


Jonah is a member of his local gym. The gym has asked him and some other members to view a potential commercial set to air in the area. They were then asked to judge the commercial on several different dimensions. Jonah was a part of a(n) _______.

consumer jury

The National Pork Board aired commercials featuring the slogan "The Other White Meat." These commercials were designed to stimulate demand for a _______, which is known as _______ advertising.

product category; pioneer

When an organization uses an advertising agency, who usually develops the advertising campaign?

the firm and the agency work jointly

Lean Cuisine is exploring launching a new television advertising campaign. In order to determine which television programs to air its new commercials, its media planners will use a(n) _______ to examine the advertising fee charged for each program in relation to the number of people each program reaches.

cost comparison indicator

Kellogg's ran an advertising campaign asking customers to "Share Your Breakfast" in order to raise money to provide free breakfasts to children in need. This was an example of _______.

advocacy advertising

Which of the following is an example of native advertising?

Marriott partnered with digital entertainment site Reddit to sponsor a Reddit-like post asking users to provide "sales pitches" about what makes their neighborhoods special

SC Johnson airs television ads that highlight the qualities of the company rather than promote specific brands. These ads would best be described as _______ advertising.


In choosing an advertising medium for her travel agency's advertising campaign, Nika is avoiding media that have low or limited ability to reproduce high-quality images of multiple vacation destinations. Based on this information, Nika will most likely choose which of the following media?

direct mail

In its advertising campaign, Coca-Cola tells its consumers that it is still available and that it has a history as a trusted brand. The commercials also focus on the advantages that Coca-Cola has to offer. This advertising would best be classified as _______.


Marilyn works for the Chicago Department of Tourism. She has been analyzing its advertising campaign and has recommended that it changes the overall message of the advertising campaign from Chicago being a destination for families on a tight budget to a city where families can engage in many cultural activities. Marilyn's suggestion focuses most on which step of developing an advertising campaign?

creating the advertising platform

In its commercials, an insurance company claims that it is a company that has been "Trusted for Over 75 Years." This would most likely be considered _______ advertising.


MillerCoors advertises that its beer is the only one that is kept cold from the brewery to the store. This type of advertising is called _______.


Fast-food companies will often compare their french fries to their competitors' fries. Mentioning the competitor's name, they will say that their fries scored better in taste tests. This type of advertising is best described as _______.


Parisian Dry Cleaners airs a series of radio ads that claim, "We Are the Fastest Dry Cleaners in Town." This campaign would best be described as _______ advertising.


Dana works for Starbucks in its advertising department. She has been asked to determine the basic selling points that should be included in the new advertisements for Starbucks. She is creating the _______.

advertising platform

If Pampers were to set its advertising appropriation based on how much is spent on Huggies, they would be using the _______ approach.


Vista Advertising is an advertising agency hired by a company that manufactures coats and jackets. When Vista placed an order for $100,000 in advertising, it received a commission based on the traditional compensation method. This means that the advertising agency received _______ in compensation.

$15,000- Advertising agencies traditionally receive most of their compensation from a 15% commission paid by the media from which it makes purchases. Since the agency purchased $100,000 in advertising, it received a 15% commission of $15,000.

_______ are photographs, drawings, graphs, charts, and tables that draw attention, encourage audiences to read or listen to the copy, communicate an idea quickly, or convey ideas that are difficult to express.


You and your marketing team are in a meeting discussing whether you should use television or internet advertising to promote a new product your firm will launch later this year. You are analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which of the following steps in the advertising campaign development process are you performing?

defining the media plan

Josh works in the marketing department for an airline and is reviewing the copy for an online ad. He is worried that nobody will read the entire advertisement, which includes the details of their improved frequent flyer program. In order for the ad to have the greatest impact, he is focusing his effort on the _______.


An advertising platform should consist of selling features that are important to consumers and are _______.

strongly competitive features of the advertised brand

A regional sporting goods retailer has hired an advertising agency. Most of the compensation received by the advertising agency is through _______

a 15% commission received from the media from which it purchased the advertising

Your company's CEO believes that the company's image is important and wants to create a favorable view of the company. She wants you to develop advertisements that focus on the company as a whole rather than the individual brands your company sells. What type of advertising campaign should you use to meet her expectations?

institutional advertising

The Mayo Clinic airs commercials that explain how caring and friendly its doctors and staff are as well as how exceptional the quality of the service provided by the clinic is. This type of promotion is best described as _______

institutional advertising

Maria is working on the advertising campaign for Mr. Clean cleaning solutions. They have updated the look of Mr. Clean and want to find out whether the new creative idea for Mr. Clean will be successful. To pretest the campaign, Maria should use a(n) _______.

consumer jury

During which stage of the product life cycle is reminder advertising most appropriate?


If a smartphone manufacturer launches a series of online advertisements with a slogan of "Get the Most Out of Your Device," the advertisements are most likely using _______ advertising.


The online streaming music service Spotify produces an advertisement in which a person is listening to music streaming over the internet. She says that she enjoys the convenience of listening to music without needing to worry about her personal music library and the ability to create custom playlists on Spotify. The element of the commercial where the person discusses the convenience of an online streaming music service would best be classified as _______, while the focus on the custom playlists available in Spotify is best classified as _______

pioneer advertising; competitive advertising

A new advertising campaign for CoverGirl cosmetics is beginning next week. Within the first six months of the campaign, the media planners want the new advertisement's _______ to be 45% of the target market and the _______ to be seven times.

reach; frequency

Ross is putting together an internet advertisement. He has the headline and copy he needs, but he is having problems arranging it all in the advertisement. This is a problem designing the _______


Lexus has designed its commercials to appeal to more affluent car drivers as its _______.

target audience

Verizon Wireless airs commercials using the slogan "Better Matters" stating that it provides higher quality service than other carriers. This is an example of _______ advertising.


An advertiser that wanted to use a medium that is highly selective, personal, and provided few distractions would likely select _______.

direct mail

Turner Furniture, Inc., advertises the quality of its furniture in its commercials. The Comfy Couch Company wants to counter those ads with its own ads discussing the quality of its products. Which of the following types of advertising would the Comfy Couch Company most likely use?


Sell-Net is a small local company that provides assistance to people who are trying to sell their belongings online. To create and implement its advertising campaign, it is most likely that Sell-Net will use _______.

one or two employees

Kleine Industrial Products has been in a prolonged period of declining sales. The company's marketing director is concerned that the declining sales has reduced the advertising budget, which has perpetuated the decline. Based on this information, Kleine Industrial Products most likely uses the _______ approach to determine its advertising appropriation


The media planners for Dr Pepper are launching a new advertising campaign. As part of their media plan, they want to expose their target market to its new advertisement about five times each. This is their advertisement's _______.


In designing the advertising message, all of the following are likely to affect the message content, except _______.

the length of the advertising campaign

There are two types of product advertising:

pioneer and competitive

Maggie is choosing the type of media for a promotion campaign for Hershey candy bars. She has studied the advantages and disadvantages of each type of promotion and is considering using outdoor advertising. Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of using outdoor advertising?

there is a long lead time for outdoor ads

You are a brand manager for a major retailer and your team has been airing a series of television commercials with the help of an outside ad agency. The vice president of your company does not believe the ads have been effective and wants you to do some research to find out whether customers have seen the ads. Which of the following should you use?

a recognition test

When Bounty paper towels are advertised as being the "Quicker Picker-Upper," suggesting that it cleans more efficiently than other paper towels, Bounty is using _______ advertising


Greg is the marketing manager at Snyder School Supplies. The company has just set the advertising budget for the coming year and Greg is tasked with determining what portion of the budget is going to be spent on television, radio, and magazine advertisements as part of developing a _______ plan.


The statement of advertising objectives should include a benchmark—such as the current sales level—and indicate how much improvement is sought.


When companies like Walgreens hire a(n) _______, Walgreens relies on them for copywriting, artwork, production, and formulation of the media plan.

advertising agency

Small firms generally depend on local newspapers and radio stations for assistance with advertising efforts.


When someone designing an advertisement arranges the illustration, headline, body copy, and signature in the ad, this arrangement is referred to as the _______.


Nike has set an advertising objective to increase market share by 5%. In developing the advertising appropriation, it is having trouble determining how much to increase its national advertising in order to reach that objective. This is a problem typical of which appropriation approach?

the objective-and-task approach

The city of Boulder, Colorado, has built a new park that features the largest playground in the state. The city decides to send an image of the park with a description of the playground to news organizations throughout Colorado using the _______ public relations tool.

captioned photography

Pepsi wants to find out how its public relations program in which it sponsors the Super Bowl Halftime Show has changed perceptions of the company. To do so, it should conduct a _______.

public relations audit

A restaurant chain recently had several customers become sick after eating at one of its locations. In order to lessen the negative effects of the event, the restaurant should most likely _______.

facilitate news coverage of the event

Public relations is a broad set of communication efforts used to create and maintain favorable relationships between an organization and its stakeholders. Public relations is also used to respond to negative events.


Consistent brand messages and images throughout all communications can help a brand maintain strength during a crisis.


To announce a new drug-testing policy, Major League Baseball decides it needs to get wide media coverage, so it holds a _______ and invites media personnel.

press conference

Home Depot is interested in knowing how its efforts to act in a socially responsible manner through its Habitat for Humanity and disaster relief efforts have affected stakeholders' views of the company. Home Depot should conduct a(n) _______.

social audit

When a company is attempting to create publicity for a new product it is launching, which of the following tools is the company most likely to use?

news release

Lauren works for the public relations department for Burger King. She wrote up one page of copy about a new type of burger being offered in the restaurant and submitted it to national news services. This is an example of a _______.

feature article

Limitations of using publicity-based public relations tools include all of the following


Toyota's SPONSORSHIP of a major Professional Golf Association tournament would be an example of a(n) _______ tool.

public relations tool

Ford is planning on sending out news releases about its new car models and is interested in finding out whether potential consumers will understand the content of the news stories they may see about the new cars. To do so, it should conduct a _______.

communications audit

Press conferences are often called to announce major news events.


Which of the following is the best method a company can use to determine how many people heard the company's public relations message?

measure changes in product awareness, knowledge and attitudes resulting from the publicity campaign

Huntington wants to find out whether its sponsorship of Pelotonia, a bike ride dedicated to raising funds for cancer research, is having a positive effect on stakeholders' views of Huntington's efforts to be a socially responsible company. Huntington should conduct a _______.

social audit

George works for a tire manufacturer that has recently developed a new method of manufacturing their tires that makes the tires 3% darker than previous editions. Even though George is responsible for publicity of new products, he decides not to issue a news release since it would likely be rejected by the news media for _______.

not being newsworthy

Local news reports sometimes include announcements about new stores opening in the area. These stories are most likely examples of _______.


Tiffani works for Mazda, where she works to create favorable relationships between Mazda and its customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, the media, and other stakeholders. Tiffani is most likely employed in Mazda's _______ department

public relations

Recently the local television station communicated a news story about the new specialized medical mart opened by Cleveland Clinic. The story provided information about the various services that the new medical mart would offer and how to get in touch with the service providers. This story is most likely an example of _______.


Measuring the effectiveness of public relations programs can be performed by counting exposures in the media, identifying changes in public opinion due to a campaign, engaging in content analysis of messages, etc. It is not normally measured in terms of sales