Ch. 9 Vocab


expressed will of the people


head of the executive branch


in addition to congressional override, ______has impeachment power over a president

ronald reagan

known as the great communicator

lyndon johnson

vietnam war era president, and because of popular opinion he did not run for re-election


head of the state in the u.s.

richard nixon

in the 1970's, he impounded funds to eliminate social programs he did not favor

failure to understand the public mood

can bring disaster to a president

jimmy carter

former president, has been nominated 7 times for the noble peace prize for his work with habitat for humanity

executive previlege

the right of the president to refuse to testify before congress or court

mandate of the people

helped increase the power of the president

major newspapers and magazines

provide the president a forum for discussion


gave congress congressional override over the presidents veto

executive orders

rules that have the force of law


a group pardon for an offence against the government

line-item veto

with ______ the president could rescind parts of bills that have already passed


formal agreement between the govts of two or more countries

military force

with ______ presidents can back up their foriegn policy decisions

franklin d. roosevelt

won in a landslide against herbert hoover

herbert hoover

failed to understand moods and fears of the people

moods and fears of people

what herbert hoover failed to understand

uninted states v. nixon

questioned executive previlege


in 1973, congress ______ president nixons veto of the war powers act


the house of representatives ______ president andrew johnson in 1868, but the senate aquitted him


can obstruct presidents by failing to provide needed information, misintrepeting instructions, or neglecting to complete a task properly

commander in chief

president george bush used his ______ to invade panama without congressional approval

de facto

donald reagan, ronald reagans chief in staff, was called the ______ president because he exercised power as if he were president