Quiz 8 psych 1101

delusions involve the (false) belief that other people or agencies are plotting to harm the person.


A panic disorder is a type of disorder characterized by panic attacks, along with at least one moth of worry about panic attacks or self-defeating behavior related to the attacks


Which of the following is an example of avolition?

lack of motivation to bathe yourself

Cordelia, an active duty marine, served in Afghanistan. While she was on patrol with her friend, an IED went off, killing her friend and injuring her. In the two months since her friend died, Cordelia has been jumpy, irritable, avoids talking about her friend, and once every few days experiences a flashback to the explosion. Cordelia is experiencing a disorder


Etiology is another word for


What is comorbidity

co-occurrence of two disorders

The model suggests that people with a predisposition for a disorder are more likely to develop the disorder when faced with adverse environmental or psychological events


What symptom of schizophrenia spectrum disorder is illustrated by the following example? So bees with knees have fleas and fleas jump, I jump like a Jack, Jack the Giant Killer. Giants kill and transform things and something happened, but we cant hear because our eyes are like flies that flew away.

disorganized thinking

Miguel worries excessively about things beyond his control, and his worries often interfere with his life. He avoids driving because he worries about car accidents. He calls his parents twice a day because he worries they are dead. He checks his credit card statement three times a day because he worries about identity theft. Miguel probably suffers from

generalized anxiety disorder

What Classification system is used by most mental health professionals in the United States of America?

Diagnostic and Statistical of Mental Disorders

Which psychological disorder is characterized by major disturbances in thought, perception, and behavior?


The belief that you is an example of delusion

can perform miracles

What kind of symptoms involves reflecting noticeable decreases and absences in certain behaviors, emotions, or drives?


Donna exhibits two separate personalities, each well-defined and distinct from one another, so Dr. Paulson diagnosed Donna with disorder

dissociative identity

Lovell is noticeably fidgety and jittery. He can't sit still; he paces, wrings his hands, and pulls at his clothing constantly. Lovell suffers from psychomotor


Yuri experiences excessive, dissenting, and persistent fear or anxiety about heights. As a result of this fear he avoids open staircases. Yuri suffers from a


If Laura has bipolar disorder, then she

often experiences mood states that vacillate between depression and mania

What should be changed to make the following sentence true? "The psychological perspective views disorders as linked to biological phenomena, such as genetic factors, chemical imbalances, and brain abnormalities.

change the word "psychological" to the word "biological

Which of the following defines antisocial personality disorder?

lack of regard for others' rights, impulsivity, deceitfulness, irresponsibility, and lack of remorse over misdeeds

Piper is diagnosed with agoraphobia because she experiences intense fear and anxiety of

being outside the home alone