Chapter 14 - Alternative Health Records

with regard to checkups and preventive dentistry, it is common for dental insurance policies to _________

cover these services at 100%

The _________ is a dental professional whose training is mainly geared toward prevention of dental disease. The license of this professional usually includes the ability to perform oral and dental exams and to clean and polish teeth, but does NOT include

Dental Hygienist

_________ disease is manifested by deepening pockets around the tooth, receding of the gingiva, and loss of attachment of the tooth


Which of the following would provide documentation of enlarged lymph nodes, bruises, and abnormal-looking growths?

Head, Neck, and Intraoral examination

A radiograph taken outside the mouth that shows all the teeth on one film is called


Which of the following plans does NOT include benefits for dental care?


Children who are allowed to go to bed at night with a bottled filled with liquid other than water are prone to develop _________.


_______ are the silver-colored fillings composed of several metals that are usually placed on posterior teeth


Medical and dental care benefits are provided to families of active-duty military personnel under which program?


Tooth decay is called ______


In most states, which of the following issues licenses to dentists so they can practice?

Board of Dentistry

Dental care is available to qualifying veterans at Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers where they pay _________.

Low or no fees for treatment if obtained at the Veterans Affair facility

A _______ is formed by clear acrylic applied to the biting surface of the tooth, placed to prevent decay


Which coding system is commonly used to report dental procedures performed in a dental office?


Automatic patient recall notices generated by practice management software ________

notify patients about the need for periodic dental checkups and teeth cleanings

Dentists, like physicians, should report dangerous and unusual medication reactions to whom?

Pharmaceutical companies

In most states, dentists are legally obligated to report ________.

suspected cases of abuse

Dentists are required to follow which regulations when prescribing narcotics?


________ refers to an aggregate of microorganisms organized into a dynamic community and collecting on the teeth and under the gums


Preventive treatment, including scaling, cleaning, and removal of calculus is called ______.


True of False: Women should avoid dental treatment during pregnancy


True of False: Nursing home residents generally have better dental care than elderly persons not living in nursing homes


True of False: A periodontists specializes in treating the inside of the tooth


True of False: A dental assistant typically performs oral and dental exams, cleans teeth by scraping off hardened calculus, polishes teeth, and applies fluoride and sealants to teeth.


True of False: A dentist must have a valid Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number for his patients to be able to fill prescriptions for narcotics at a pharmacy


True of False: The primary teeth are also known as the permanent teeth


True of False: Abnormal lesions on the tongue or mucosa are usually x-rayed


True of False: Impaction refers to an un-erupted or partially erupted tooth that will not fully erupt because it is obstructed by another tooth, bone, or soft tissue


True of False: Adult Medicaid recipients qualify for routine dental care benefits in all states


True of False: Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) offer some dental benefits for children


True of False: Digital radiographs allow for compact and safe storage of dental x-rays and allow the dentist to share a copy of the x-ray with a specialist or an insurance company electronically.


True of False: The only organization that has been actively developing dental practice guidelines is the American Dental Association


True of False: A risk management area of concern in dentistry is injury to patients or Practioner, including instrument trauma from needles, drills and probes


True of False: The field of dental informatics is declining as dentists reject the complexities of expert systems, automated clinical alerts and warnings, and digital information


__________ are the third molars, each of which is the eighth tooth from the center of the mouth to the back of the mouth; they often have to be extracted

wisdom teeth

A(n) _______ is a radiograph that shows the upper and lower teeth's biting surfaces on the same film. This radiograph shows the portion of the teeth above the gum line.


A tooth colored filling is known as a(n) ______ filling


A(n) _________ is a removable prosthesis (false teeth) that replaces all of the teeth in either the upper and lower jaw


A(n) ________ is a dentist who specializes in treating diseases or injuries that affect the root tip or nerve of the tooth. The most common procedure is a root canal.


_______ is a dental term for the gums


______ refers to an un-erupted or partially erupted tooth that will not fully erupt because it is obstructed by another tooth, bone, or soft tissue.


The term _______ means having no teeth, toothless


A(n) _______ is a post that is implanted in the bone to which a crown, bridge or denture is then attached.


A dentist who specializes in surgery to the mouth and facial bones is a(n) _____________

oral maxillofacial surgeon

A(n) ________ is a dentist who specializes in straightening teeth


_________ surgery is performed to bring jaws into proper alignment


_______ is a plaque that has hardened, also known as tartar


A dentist who specializes in the treatment of diseases of the gum or bone (supporting structure) is a __________


A(n) _______ is a fixed appliance (prosthesis) that replaces missing teeth; a series of crowns (abutments and pontics)