Ch.6 Values, Ethics, and Advocacy

Which of the following is a characteristic of the care-based approach to bioethics?

The promotion of the dignity and respect of clients as people

Which of the following statements accurately describe a characteristic of ethics? Select all that apply/

It is important to distinguish ethics from religion, law, custom, and insitutional practices; values are intimately related to, and direct, ethical conduct

Which of the following ethical principles is related to the idea of self-determination?


When the nurse voices preference for the funding of services that assist many clients in his community over services that assist a small group in the community, this is a:

Utilitarian framework

A client tells the nurse that he does not want to have a painful procedure. By respecting and supporting the client's right to make decisions, what is the nurse demonstrating?


A client rings the call bell to request pain medication. Upon performing the pain assessment, the nurse informs the client that she will return with the pain medication. The nurse's promise to return with the pain medication is an example of which princip


A parent of a high school student age 17 years is allowing the child to make the decision on the college he will attend. When the child requests direction from the parent in making this decision, the parent responds by informing him that he will need to m


A client age 46 years has been diagnosed with cancer. He has met with the oncologist and is now weighing his options to undergo chemotherapy or radiation as his treatment. This patient is utilizing which ethical principle in making his decision?
a) Autono


In the delivery of care, the nurse acts in accordance with nursing standards and the code of ethics and reports a medication error that she has made. The nurse is most clearly demonstrating which of the following professional values?


Using the nursing process to make ethical decisions involves following several steps. Which step is the nurse implementing when he or she reflects on the decision-making process and the role it will play in making future decisions?


Which of the following is an example of paternalistic behavior?

Intercepting a visitor's gift of candy to a client with diabetes

A nurse pulls the curtains before changing the dressing of the surgical wound on the abdomen of a post-surgical client. What value is served?


A nurse is providing care for three clients on a medical unit, two of whom are significantly more acute than the third. The nurse is making a concerted effort to ensure that the less acute patient still receives a reasonable amount of time, attention, and


The foundation for decisions about resource allocation throughout a society or group is based on the ethical principle of what?


An employee health nurse is assisting a stressed, working mother with value clarification. Which of the following best defines value clarification?

A process by which people come to understand their own values and value systems

Which of the following statements best conveys the concept of ethical agency

Ethical practice requires a skill set that must be conscientiously learned and nurtured

A nurse working on a critical care unit was informed by a client with multiple sclerosis that she did not wish to be resuscitated in the event of cardiac arrest. The client is no longer able to express her wishes, and the family has informed the physician

Ethical distress

A nurse has completed four hours of his eight-hour shift on a medical-surgical unit when he receives a phone call from the nursing supervisor. The nursing supervisor informs him that he needs to give a report to the other two nurses on the medical-surgica

Allocation of scarce nursing resources

An emergency department nurse and health care team is caring for a semiconscious child age 2 years with numerous fractures and evidence of cigarette burns. They suspect child abuse. The nurse reports the family to the child abuse hotline. The nurse is fol


Which of the following are ANA standards of clinical nursing practice? Select all that apply.

The nurse delivers care in a nonjudgemental manner that is sensitive to patient diversity; The nurse maintains patient confidentiality within legal and regulatory parameters.

Which of the following actions most clearly demonstrates a nurse's commitment to social justice?

Lobbying for an expansion of Medicare eligibility and benefits