ATI Student Orientation: Steps to Success Module

What are three locations where you can view your Focused Review for a practice or proctored assessment? (Select all that apply.)

Improve" tab
"My Results" tab
"Recent Activity

Where can you go to access your ATI online practice assessments? (Select all that apply.)

Test" tab
"Recent Activity

When logged into the student homepage, what features can be found within the page? (Select all that apply.)

Recent Activity
News and Updates
Add Product

Which of the following are types of tests included in the Nurse Logic tutorial? (Select all that apply.)


What tutorial can assist you when you need to learn skills on testing and remediation, knowledge and clinical judgment, priority-setting frameworks, and nursing concepts?

Nurse Logic

Does ATI provide a "Chat now" feature?


Where can you go to print your ATI individual transcript?

My Results tab

The "Learn" tab contains tools designed to supplement your course work and help you learn nursing content in a manner that best meets your needs. What types of ATI products can be found within the "Learn" tab? (Select all that apply.)

eBooks with embedded media and videos
Quiz banks

Which of the following tabs contains all products, including tutorials, Focused Review, and proctored and practice assessments?

My ATI tab

What is a Focused Review?

An online review I can create after each Content Master Series or Comprehensive Predictor proctored or online practice assessment.

Where can you go to update your profile (e.g., change your email address, update your institution)?

Student homepage>Account link

If you forget your ATI account username and/or password, which of the following actions should you take?

Click on the "Forgot username and/or password" link from the main login page.

NCLEX-style test questions are rigorous and require a thorough understanding of nursing content for success. What tutorial provides strategies and application practice to increase test-taking skills and reinforce nursing knowledge?

Nurse Logic