Tangerine Part 2

They both play/played goalie and they both have some sort of "handicap".

What do Paul and Luis Cruz have in common?

He was "holding out" for the top Florida schools.

Why hadn't Mr. Fisher responded to the college football offers that had arrived for Erik?

Theresa Cruz

Who is Paul's escort on his first and second day at Tangerine Middle School?

Because of soccer and football games.

Why does Paul's family not have time to eat dinner together anymore?

He is a leader.

What best describes Victor Guzman?

Charlie the Tuna.

What nickname is Joey Costello given?

Kerri Gardner

Who seems to have a crush on Paul?


The following passage is an example of what literary term?
"I stared hard in to the backyard. First I could see Erik and Arthur. Then I could see them. Then I couldn't. And I remembered:
Our backyard in Huntsville. Mom and Dad were standing in front of me

Florida citrus fruits

What is the specific topic that Paul's group chooses for the cross-curricular project?

He was so overcome with happiness because they were the champions and he had contributed as goalie.

Why did Paul cry when he got off the bus after the last game?

1. A termite problems.
2. Robberies in the houses that are being fumigated for termites.
3. The pond's fish population.
4. The lightning rods on Mr. Donnelly's house.

The Homeowners' Association of Lake Windsor Downs met in the Fisher's home on Wednesday, October 4th. Name 4 concerns they discussed?

District/County Championship

The Tangerine Middle School Team soccer team won this.


What mascot does Lake Winsor Middle School have?

War Eagles

What mascot does Tangerine Middle School have?

Fisher Man, Eclipse boy, and Mars.

What nicknames has Paul been given throughout the novel?

Paul scores a goal.

What happens in TMS's second soccer game?

1. There is only one soccer team with boys and girls.
2. The soccer team is smaller, and they have older jerseys.
3. TMS does not have portable classrooms.
4. There are more minorities.

How is Tangerine Middle School different from Lake Windsor Middle School?

Top goal-scorer in county for middle school soccer

Who is Maya?

Leader/captain for the TMS soccer team

Who is Victor?

Leader/captain for the LWMS soccer team.

Who is Gino?

Writer for the newspaper the Tangerine Times

Who is Mr. Donnelly?

Soccer coach who had a promising career as soccer player until she was injured.

Who is Ms. Bright?

Mike always felt better when he got his shoes off.

Why did Joey try to take off Mike's shoes after Mike was struck by lightning?

He was so upset that it made his whole body and soul feel ill.

Tino was sick to the sole after Erik slaps him what does this mean...

Jumping on coach Warner's back.

What does Paul do to get expelled?

They plant a tree of his memory.

What is done at the award show in honor of Mike?

He stood up to Erik and was not afraid of him.

Why is Paul finally able to remember what happened to his eyes?

They didn't want him to hate his older brother.

What do Paul's parents tell him the reason they lied to him about his eyes?