Educ 162

What is the capacity of working memory?

7 (plus or minus 2) bits of information

T or F: Restorative justice practices are considered to be preventative, rather than responsive


A researcher design that rigorously evaluates the effect of an intervention for a single unit of analysis?

Single Case Design (SCD)

Within Bronfenbrenner's model, the system where institutions and groups most immediately impact the child's development


MTSS for academics is called

Responde to Instruction (RTI)

While RCT's are considered the "gold standard" for research designs this type of design provides the strongest evidence for CAUSAL CLAIMS


Example: Mom gets a raise at work. Which system is this in model of Bronfenbrenner's development


A student is returning to school after recently being incarcerated. What is the most appropriate response for a school implementing restorative justice?

Restorative Conference

Piaget's development stage where thinking is tied to physical actions

preoperational stage (3-7 years)

Which of the 13 disability categories do students most often qualify for?

Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

The area between the child's current performance and the level of performance the child could achieve with the help of an adult or a "more fully developed child

zone of proximity

A counselor is using cognitive behavior theory (CBT) for an individual student referred to her for depression. Which tier is this considered to be in?

Tier 3

The visual system where images can be mentally manipulated

visuospatial sketchpad

What are the Big 5 skill areas that contribute to literacy (according to the National Reading Panel)?

Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension

Community-building restorative circle align with which tier?

tier 1

Piaget's development stage where logical thinking is restricted to one's physical reality

concrete operational (6-11 years)

T or F: active shooter trainings are considered to be effective for school gun violence


The type of research design used by narrative reviews and expert opinions

no design

When students mediate conflict between two or more individuals, this is called

peer mediation

The most formal type of restorative practice is considered

restorative conference

What are the two cornerstones of social MTSS?

Data-based decision making and evidence-based practices

This operant principal is the most effective in the short term


How do we close the research-to-practice gap?

Becoming Scientific literate

15% of the student population is an ideal percentage for which tier?

tier 2

What is educational psychology?

study of development, learning, motivation. teaching, and assessments in and out of schools