Julius Caesar Act V

1. What hope of Octavius and Antony is answered? What does this say about Brutus?

The hope that Brutus would lead his men over to speak to Octavius and Antony is answered. This says that Brutus is predictable and afraid of battle.

2. What does Cassius mean when he says, "Flatterers! Now, Brutus, thank yourself; This tongue had not offended so today, if Cassius might have ruled."?

Cassius is saying that if Brutus had initially listened to Cassius and killed Mark Antony, they would not be offended by or in battle with him.

3. What ominous sign has Cassius seen that causes him to fear the coming battle?

Cassius has seen black ravens circling around his men like prey, making him fearful of the battle ahead.

4. What does Brutus say he will do if they lose the battle? Why is he reluctant to do this?

Brutus says he will kill himself is he loses the battle, but he does not want to. He would rather die than be taken prisoner, but he thinks suicide is cowardly and he does not want to

5. Why is this short scene included in the play?

This scene is included in the play to detail what is happening with Brutus and Cassius' military.

6. What horrible mistake does Cassius make? What is the outcome of this mistake?

Cassius makes the mistake of believing that Titinius was dead, so he kills himself out of sadness. However, it all turns out to be a miscommunication.

7. What is Titinius's reaction to Cassius's actions?

Titinius sees that Cassius has killed himself and responds by committing suicide with the same sword that Cassius used. First, however, he crowns his friend Cassius with a Laurel wreath.

8. What is Brutus's response to Cassius's and Titinius's actions?

Brutus responds to the suicides of Cassius and Titinius by blaming Caesar. "Oh, Julius Caesar, you are still powerful. Your ghost walks the earth and turns our swords toward our own stomachs." He honestly believes Caesar caused their deaths.

9. What role does Lucilius take upon himself? What was Antony's response to his masquerade?

Lucillus takes it upon himself to claim he is Brutus. He does this because if the soldiers think that he is the powerful military leader, they will kill him and stop attempting to kill the real Brutus. Antony responds to this by insisting that his soldiers protect Lucilius, because his masquerade displayed loyalty and bravery. He would prefer that Lucilius is a friend of his than an enemy.

10. What request does Brutus make of Clitus? What is his response?

Brutus asks Clitus to kill him, but Clitis refuses.

11. What does Brutus ask Volumnius to do? What reasons does he give? What is Volumnius's response?

He asks Volumnius to kill him. He asked him to do this because he promised he would never kill himself, but he knows that it is his time for him to die because the ghost of Caesar visited him again. Volumnius rejects the task.

12. What does Strato do for Brutus? What does Strato ask Brutus to do first? Why?

Strato looks away and holds the sword for Brutus so that Brutus can run through it and kill himself. Strato first asks Brutus to hold his hand to say goodbye.

13. What overture of peace does Octavius make to Brutus's men?

Octavius' overture of peace to Brutus' men was to welcome them all into his army.

14. How do Antony and Octavius honor Brutus?

Antony and Octavius honor Brutus by saying that he was not only an incredible Roman, but an incredible man. They said he was the only conspirator who did not kill Caesar out of jealousy or pettiness, but that he did what he did for the good of his people. To honor him, they provide him with a proper burial.