Christopher Barnhill KIN 3801 Final Exam Review

Quiz 1: Marketing Myopia

A focus on producing and selling goods and services rather than identifying and satisfying the needs and wants of consumers and their markets

Which of the following is an example of marketing through sports?

Playing a commercial for a local business during a game broadcast

Which of the following is NOT a reason why sport marketing is different from many other types of product marketing?

the emphasis on generating revenue

Bill Veeck

What legendary sport marketer owned three different Major League Baseball franchises, has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and is still known to this day as the champion of the little guy because of the value that he placed on attracting comm

Most traditional products will see consistent sales throughout the year, whereas a sport product has high-volume times and low-volume times.


Analyzing the market and the organization is one of the five strategic componets of marketing management


Having a large percentage of high-income sport fans would be an example of an:

External opportunity

According to the marketing concept of the frequency escalator, who resides on the ground level?

nonaware nonconsumers

A CRM software database system provides sport marketers

a 360-degree record of all customer interactions

What part of developing the marketing plan involves finding an unmet need and defining it?

developing the market

Quiz 2: The first step in the purchase decision- making process is

need recognition

Which of the following would be considered an environmental factor that affects consumer behavior?

cultural norms

A person involved in hands-on activities such as participating in the sport itself ro watching, listening, and cheering on her team is classified as having what sort of sport involvement?


This individual factor is related to what a person thinks of himself or herself

self concept

The frequency, duration, and intensity of involvement in a sport or the willingness to expend money, time, and energy in a pattern of sport involvement is referred to as


Data that have been collected, organized, and repackaged for consumption are referred to as

Syndicated Data

Which of the following would be considered a quantitative approach to collecting custom research?

online surveys distributed to season-ticket holders

Within the sport industry, which of the following are least likely to have full-time staff members dedicated to data research and analysis?

a college athletic department

If a golf course owner split the market into those who played the course 1 to 5 times a year, those who played it 6 to 10 times a year, and those who were members and played 11 or more times a year, which type of market segmentation would she be using?

product usage

A sport marketer placing an ad on the right radio station at the right time to reach the right customer would be an example of


Quiz 3: In sport marketing terms, which of the following is not a component of the core event experience or game presentation?

product extenstions

Teams and franchises have much more volatile and unpredictable product life cycles that those of their sport overall.


Comparing the worth of a product that has an organization's name or image on it to the worth of a generic product of similar quality is called

brand equity

Few sport venues have the ability to generate significant revenue beyond game days.


Cheerleaders, mascots, and concessions are examples of product extensions


Good sport marketers can develop a strong brand image even before establishing brand awareness


The name, logo, and symbols associated with the sport organization are components of the


Which of the following is method for forming associations through consumption

Using nostalgia to pull memories of past usage

Quiz 4: Where is the entry-level sales position for most professional sport teams?


This pricing concept involves pricing tickets based on preferred days for viewing opponents, part of the season, and location of the seat.

variable pricing

Cost relates not only to overall cost but also to such aspects as payment options and value receiced for the purchase price.


In the field of sport marketing, the terms price and cost are interchangeable.


One drawback of lowering a price is that it cheapens the value of the product.


Which of the following is NOT a reason for the explosive growth of sport sponsorships over the last three decades?

Continued decrease in the cost of sport sponsorships

A company thinks that its image in the market is one of poor quality. It enters into a sponsorship agreement with a team that has won six consecutive league championships. What benefit is it seeking?

To alter or reinforce public perception of the company

Activiation costs are typically included within most sponsorship contracts between a brand and a sport team or event.


Quiz 5: Where does the advertising communication process start?


Offering a team sweatshirt to fans who come to nine games is an example of a sales promotion directed at

Increasing frequency of purchases

To measure the effectiveness of advertising as a promotional tool, the sport marketer should evalute impact on sales, image, and consumer awareness.


Which of the following would NOT be considered an effective promotional component of a marketing strategy for driving attendance?

Reliance on star player per performance

The job and duties of the sport public relations professional has changed because the public's view of sport has shifted from a focus on competition to a focus on entertainment spectacle


Public opinion is one of the most powerful forces in society. What aspect of sport marketing is designed to formulate and shape favorable opinion through the mass media?

Media Relations

What type of document used in public relations practice helps subjects speaking to the press stay on the desired message?

Talking Points

To engage fans through social media, team marketers must provide interesting content delivered with an authentic voice.


A good social media strategy for sport teams is to use their organizational or team accounts extensively but not to leverage accounts of the individual athletes and coaches employed by the organization.


Which of the following is an example of a team leveraging its influencers through social media?

A Facebook page for season-ticket holders only

Quiz 6: Of all the elements of the marketing mix, place decisions are typically the easiest to change.


When sport marketers examine the drawing radius for evetns at their venue, distance from the venue is no longer the only key variable. Which of the following is NOT a critical factor in determining how far consumers will drive to attend a sporting event?

The cost of the facility to construct

What is one way that many sport properties are growing their market by extending their distribution?

Scheduling competition in new markets

In sport marketing terms, which of the following is NOT an element of the place ensemble?

ticket prices

More often than not, consumers balance product and promotion in their minds as they consider purchasing a sport product.


Sport consumers develop perceptions of the place in which an event occurs-that is, a facility image and the place should match the level of the product.


Running an advertisement about the new stadium where the Newart, Delaware, minor league baseball team would play in is an example of mixing

Place and promotion