Tooth Morphology


groups of teeth of different


two sets of teeth


short crowns, long roots

what is another name for the lingual ridge


How many surfaces do you have on the maxillary central incisors?

4 surfaces
on incisal edges

How many surfaces on the molars do we have

4 surfaces

How many lobes form the maxillary central incisors?

4 lobes

How many lobes form the permanent mandibular first molar?

5 lobes (5 cusps)
buccal: 3 - Mesiobuccal, Distobuccal, distocusp
Lingual: 2 - Mesiolingual, Distolingual cusp

What are the grooves that separate the mesiobuccal cusp from the distobuccal cusp?

mesiobuccal developmental groove

What separates the mesiolingual cusp from distoliwngual cusp

Lingual developmental groove

Which tooth has the longest roots?

Maxillary canine
next: would be Mand canine

What premolar usually has two roots

Maxillary 1st pre molar

Where are the roots of max 1st pre molar located?

Buccal and palatal

Where are the furcations located on the Max first pre molar located?

Mesial and distal furcations

How many cusps does a maxillary first pre molar have?

2 cusps

which pre molar has a deeper depression?
A) Max first pre molar
B) Max second pre molar

Max first pre molar

What is the overall shape of the maxillary pre molars from the occlusal aspect


Mandibular pre molars will look more

Round or Square

If you have a second pre molar with 3 cusp, what type of developmental groove would you have?

y shape

Which of the following premolar teeth often has three cusps

Mand second premolar

Which tooth has a developmental groove on the mesial surface of both the crown and root?

Maxillary 1st pre molar

Which tooth has a non-functional lingual cusp?

Mand 1st pre-molars

looking at them and first pre molars, what can you look at to determine if it's left or right

Distal Fossas are bigger than mesial fossa
Disal aspect is round
Mesial aspect is pinched

What is the name of the 5th cusp on the maxillary 1st molar called?

Cusp of carabelli
Located By mesiolingual cusp

no cusp of carabelli. How would you determine from a maxillary left or right Max first molar?

-Mesiolingual cusp is the biggest
-look at roots, palatal root is lingual side
-Mesial buccal root is Wider than the distal buccal root

Which tooth is often affected by Microdontia?

Maxillary lateral incisors
Another name: Peg Laterals
Next tooth that would be affected: Max 3rd molars

What are supplemental grooves?

Wrinkled grooves on them and 2nd molar

Which tooth has furcations?

Max 1st molar
Mand 1st molar
Max 1st pre molar

What are the roots on max 1st molar

furc: mesial and distal and buccal

Tooth to exhibit lingual caries

Maxillary lateral incisor

When you're checking the lingual pit of the Maxillary lateral incisor, is your shepards hook at a 90 degree angle or 45 angle

45 degree angle

What are the primary function of teeth?

Incise, cut, grasp, hold

Which tooth is used for grinding food?


which tooth is used for tearing food
A) Incisors
B) Canines
C) Premolars
D) Molars


incisors are used to cut food


premolars are used to crush


What are succedaneous teeth?

Succeeding deciduous teeth
Permanent anteriors and permanent premolars
Permanent Cent. and Lat. Incisors, Cannes, and 1st and 2nd pre-molars
Permanent teeth that replace primary teeth

What are succedaneous teeth for primary 1st molars?

Permanent 1st premolars

What are the letter for primary 1st molars?

B, I, L, S

Explain the difference between succedaneous teeth before succedaneous dentition?

Succedaneous teeth
-Succeeding deciduous teeth
-premolars to premolars
-Permanent teeth that replace the primary teeth
Succedaneous dentition
-All set of teeth that succeeds the deciduous

Which of the following teeth is NOT succedaneous?

14- a maxillary molar
Succedaneous teeth replace deciduous teeth

Which is the succedaneous tooth for #T

29 -Permanent mand 1nd pre molar
which could have 2 cusp or 3 cusp

when viewed interproximally the crowns of the mand post teeth exhibit
A) Buccal tilt
B) Mesial tilt
C) Lingual tilt
D) Distal tilt

lingual tilt

which teeth may cause sensation that suggest a carious or endodontic situation when only a sinus infection is diagnosed?
A) Max anteriors
B) Mand Anteriors
C) Max posteriors
D) Mand posteriors

Max post

whats another name for max sinus

Intra of high more

Which of the following permanent teeth typically has two roots
A) Max 3rd molars
B) Max 1st molars
C) Max 2nd pre
D) Max 1st pre

Max 1st pre

What are the major tissues of the teeth
A) Enamel
B) Dentin
C) Cementum
D) Pulp
E) all of the above


Which one of the teeth has hardest tissue
A) Enamel
B) Dentin
C) Cementum
D) Pulp
E) all of the above

Enamel - 96%

Which teeth has only one antagonist?
(teeth that occludes with only 1 tooth)
A) Mand central incisors
B) Max canines
C) Mand 1st molars
D) Max 2nd Pre molars

Mandibular central incisors
2 teeth that has only 1 antogonist
Other tooth would be: Max 3rd molars

Where would you find the furcations on a maxillary 1st molar?
A) Mesial lingual
B) Lingual
C) Distal Lingual
D) Buccal

A, C, D

What is the 1st tooth to erupt in the oral cavity?

Mand Central incisors

What is important to know about 6 year old teeth


What feature is unique to the maxillary molars?
A) The DB cusp is the largest cusp
B) Has an oblique line
C) Has a mesial marginal ridge that is placed more cervically
D) Has a cusp of carabelli

B. Has an oblique line
The oblique line = DB cusp and Distal triangular ridge of mesial lingual cusp

True or false
Posterior has a mesial marginal ridge that is placed more cervically


The rounded enamel extensions on the incisal edge of newly erupted anterior teeth?
A) Mamelons
B) Cingulum
C) Crest of curvature
D) Marginal ridges

A. Mamelons

The lateral incisors and the ________ Vary in form more than any other teeth in the mouth?
A) Max 1st molar
B) Max 3rd molar
C) Max 2nd pre
D) max 1st pre

B. Max 3rd molar

A pinpoint depression at the ends of a groove is?
A) Fissure
B) Fossa
C) Tip
D) Pit

D. Pit
Pin point depression = pit
Regular depression = Fossa

Universal teeth number system, what are the numbers for the permanent canines?
A) 6, 11, 22, 27
B) 6, 10, 23, 27
C) 7, 11, 23, 28
D) 6, 11, 22, 26

A. 6, 11, 22, 27

The primary teeth are classified in the universal system using:
A) Numbers 1 through 20
B) Numbers 1-32
C) Numbers inside a bracket
D) Letter A through T

D. Letter A through T

Characteristics of the primary dentition include:
A) Whiter enamel
B) Small pulp Chambers
C) Marginal ridges
D) Buccal budge on all teeth

A. Whiter enamel
Primary has larger pulp chamber
Marginal ridges larger in permanent teeth
Buccal budge on permanent molars

The primary dentition has ______ Molars and ________ Premolars
A) 12; 8
B) 4;4
C) 8;4
D) 8;0

D. 8; 0

Developmental groove that extend mesiodistally and divides occlusal table in half is the ________ groove
A) Marginal
B) Central
C) Triangular
D) All of the above

B. Central groove