Legislative & executive branch committees and agencies involved in food/ag policy

Government Accountability Office (GAO); Congressional Research Service (CRS); Congressional Budget Office (CBO)

Major Provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill with Nutrition Impact

Farm subsidies ; SNAP ; Conservation program ; Legalization of hemp

Funding for farmers markets, local food programs, veteran, and minority farmers


Updates to SNAP


Updates to Food Distribution Programs - know what the programs are that are outlined on slides


Commodity Supplemental Food Program; (CSFP)

mainly supplies supplemental food packages to low income elderly - reauthorized

Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

Provides commodities (instead of SNAP) to low income households on Indian reservations - expands federal funding and increases flexibility

Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

provides food commodities and cash through states to food banks - increased funding

What is the Thrifty Food Plan?

Specifies foods and amounts of foods to provide adequate nutrition

What is a farm resource region and which 2 provide most of the agricultural value added to the US economy?

9 regions in the U.S based on climate and production patterns; Heartland and Fruitful Rim provide 25% EACH of the agricultural value added to the U.S. economy

The types of farm based on ownership and gross cash farm income


Major cash commodity crops and animals/industry groups

What are they? Cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, rice; Who is mainly producing them? Large family farms

Differences among ag price supports


What sustainability is and why it matters

It requires maintaining resource space that agriculture depends on (ex: land, water); Matters because: with a growing population, limited resources, and environmental impact of production it can be difficult to manage sustainability for agriculture

What does organic mean and what types of labels are allowed

Organic: up to 5% nonorganic ingredients allowed by National List

What is the dirty dozen? The clean fifteen? (you don't have to memorize the list - just know what they are)

Dirty dozen: most amount of pesticides (sub for destroying insects/harmful organisms); Clean 15: least amount of pesticides

What is bioengineering and what are the major bioengineered crops?

Bioengineering: crop or agricultural product altered by biological engineering for drought resistance, increased growth, and resistant to pests; Crops: Corn, soybeans, cotton, sugarbeets, canola

Know what Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Resistant mean


What is the Codex Alimentarius is and its significance?

Internationally recognized standards, guidelines, codes of practice for all foods and food products; Significance: To protect consumer health and promote fair practices