Ionic Bonding and Structure

What are valence electrons?

Electrons positioned in the outermost shell

What happens to valence electrons when atoms react together?

They can be transferred

What is created in valence electrons are transferred?

An ion

Why is an ion created when valence electrons are transferred?

The atom is no longer neutral, so it will carry an electric charge

What determines the charge of an ion?

How many ions are lost or gained

Why do atoms react together?

To gain the stability of a noble gas. Atoms will react with each other so that the electron configuration on each atom is that of a noble gas.

What is a positive ion (lost electrons) called?

A cation

What is negative ion (gained electrons) called?

An anion

Are anions metals or nonmetals?


Are cations metals or non metals?


Why do elements in Group 14 not have a tendency to gain or lose electrons?

the energy involved in transferring four electrons would be too large to be favourable