History of Communication Technologies

Target Market(your demographic)

1. age
2. location
3. race
4. gender
5. money
6. religion
7. political view

What kids show has fast cuts?

sesame street

How are you going to buy in the future?

based on past

What are the 6 c's?


Positive of TV

- entertainment
- informed
- bond w/ family
- educated
- motivation

Negative of TV

- desensitize
- negative info
- time waste
- violence
- fact/ fiction blurred


Resolution- 525
Ratio- 4 x 3


Resolution- 1080
Ratio- 16 x 9

1st Amendment

Freedom of...
1. Religion
2. Speech
3. Press
4. Assembly
5. Peaceful Petition

Dooley Wilson


Humphrey Bogart

Rick Blaine

Ingrid Bergman

Ilsa Lund

Paul Henreid

Victor Laszlo

Where is Casablanca?

Morocco(north west Africa)

What is the plot line of Casablanca?

Try to leave Europe to get away from the Nazi and get to America.

Stage 1(classifying)

Copyright name: Casablanca
Copyright date: 1941
Part of a series or whole: Whole

Stage 2(examine the origin)

Director: Micheal Curtiz
Production House: Home Entertainment


Micheal Curtiz

Stage 3(analyzing the medium)

Visual and acoustic properties: Black & White, 35mm.
Physical properties of the medium: Laser Etched Plastic disc

Stage 4(investigate consumption)

Intended audience: The movie is intended for a teenage -- adult audience.
Requirements for consuming the product: Recommended ages 10+

Stage 5(impact)

Local/national/world effects of this product: The movie remained popular while other films famous in the 1940s have faded from popular memory. By 1977, Casablanca was the most frequently broadcast film on American television.
Personal and social impacts o

Samuel Morse

telegraph and morse code

Alexander Graham Bell



Printing Press


Cave Writing


radio pirates

What is news?

Unusual in noteable