continuities and changes of china

China still maintained the Mandate of Heaven, which enabled the emperors to attain more power and privileges.

continuities 1

Written language is still the same, Chinese still using the Chinese characters which are based on the oracle bone scripts. Even though the spoken languages are different, but they still write the same characters.

continuities 2

Agriculture is still the main sector for sustaining the economy of China

continuities 3

Patriarchal still remains in China, men got more privileges than women.

continuities 4

Civil examination was still there, there are still people who got their opportunity to follow the civil examination.

continuities 5

Great Wall of China was still under construction, in order to halt the Northern tribes aggressions or invasions

continuities 6

Ancestor worship and filial piety were still practiced, because Confucianism was still very prominent in China.

continuities 7

During the 100 CE, Han dynasty took power and ruled China. Han dynasty was established after the Qin dynasty

Changes 1

During the 220 CE Han dynasty collapsed. Three kingdoms period occurred during the 220 CE-280 CE, which was one of the bloodiest time in the Chinese history.

Changes 2

After that Jin dynasty ruled China during 265 CE-420 CE. Jin dynasty fell, once again China wasn't united and China enters the Northern and Southern dynasty period. Northern and Southern dynasty lasted from 220 CE- 589 CE.

Changes 3

Sui dynasty then ruled China during 581 CE and lasted until 618 CE

Changes 4

During the 100 CE the main religions of China were Daoism, Confucianism, and Legalism. Then, Buddhism started to enter China during the 300 CE, Buddishm extended its influence to China and became China's main religion. Buddhism was brought to China from I

Changes 5

New things were invented such as tea and paper.

Changes 6

Trading and contacts with foreigners occurred during the Silk Road period of the Han dynasty

Changes 7

Territory was expanded, China expanded its territory throughout the dynasties

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