Religion chapter 1 test

Saint Catherine of Siena, who understood the deeper meaning of the pope residing in Rome, was a woman of great _____________.


Which two saints were declared doctors of the Church for their great intellectual contributions to the Church?

Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Catherine of Siena

Thomas Aquinas was a very important teacher in the Church who wrote a collection of essays called the ___

Summa Theologica

Wisdom requires the combination of both ___________________.

understanding the deeper meaning and how to use such knowledge for good, understanding and prudence,intelligence and compassion

Pope Pius IX called Vatican I to address a number of issues including ______________________.

how the Church passes on Gods revelation,
the Pope and College of Bishops who teach faith and morals without error, using faith and reason to understand Gods revelation

The Pope and the College of Bishops have a special ______________ or grace that enables them to authentically teach on matters of faith and morals without error.


Vatican I ________________________________.

had an agenda that was never completed

Pope John XXIII called Vatican II almost a century after Vatican I to address the challenge of _______________.

making the Christian message meaningful in a secular, industrialized, and technological world

On January 25, 1959, Pope John XXIII called for an ecumenical council of the Church. This was _________________.

a surprise to the cardinals and the world

The main purpose in calling the Second Vatican Council was ___________________, bringing the Church up to date through renewal.


How is the Church a sign of Christ?

Being present to people in every age and culture.
Loving all of humanity as God loves us.
Remaining active in the world, especially those most in need.

When your parish reaches out to those in need by providing time, talents, and needed goods, this is an example of _____________________.

being a sign of Christ

_________________________ is the beliefs, teachings, and practices of the Church as voiced by the Magisterium under the guidance of he Holy Spirit in communion with the entire People of God.

Sacred Tradition

______________________ provides the basis for all that we believe as Roman Catholics.

Sacred Scripture

When Pope John XXIII said the Church must "open the widows", what did he mean?

We need to let in the fresh air of renewal so we can preach the Gospel effectively.

. Pope Paul VI continued the Second Vatican Council with four goals that include all of the following except _________________________.

reform the Church's teachings, especially with regards to moral issues

The Second Vatican Council produced four ______________ or major documents on Sacred Liturgy, the Church, Divine Revelation and ___________________________.

constitutions, the Church in the Modern World

The Church teaches in the document Lumen Gentium that ___________________________.

the work of the Church is the responsibility of all the baptized

In Dei Verbum, the Church teaches all the following except __________________.

Easy access to Sacred Scripture provides salvation for all.

When we would like to better understand a teaching of the Church, we can consult ___________________.

the Catechism of the Catholic Church