Anne Frank Quiz: Acts 1&2 acts one and two 8th grade lit

The events in Act One, Scene 1 when Miep gives Anne's diary to Mr. Frank, occur ____

after the war has ended

In Act One, Mr. Frank feels he needs to repay the Van Daan family because Mr. Van Daan _____

aided the Frank family when they came to Holland

What job do Miep and Mr. Kraler do for the Frank family?

They bring food, supplies, and news

Why must the people living in the Annex remain quiet during the day?

Any noise might reveal that they are in the building

Why is Peter glad to remove the yellow star from his clothing when he arrives at the Annex?

He believes that the Nazis branded him with it

A problem that results from Mr. Dussel's arrival is _____

Anne has to share her room with him.

The news that Dussel shares about the outside world upsets the residents of the Annex because _____

Mr. Kraler had not told them that Jews were being rounded up

In Scene 4, Anne screams at night because she _____

dreams the Nazis have come to arrest her

Anne surprises everyone during the Hanukkah celebration by ______

giving everyone a gift.

Why does the thief who breaks into the office downstairs create a problem for the people hiding in the Annex?

The thief heard noise and knows someone is there

Why do people in the Annex fight when Miep brings them a cake?

Mr. Dussel says people unfairly divide food

In Scene 1, what does Peter say he admires about Anne?

her way of talking to adults

In what way has Anne and Peter's relationship changed in Act Two?

They have become friends and can talk to each other.

The only time in the play when Mrs. Frank loses her temper is when ___

she sees Mr. Van Daan stealing food.

What character trait is revealed by Peter's decision to stay with his parents if they are forced out of the annex?

He is loyal.

What news does Miep bring during the argument about the lack of food?

The invasion has begun on the coast of Normandy.

The residents of the Annex fear that the Gestapo will be able to _____

trace the stolen radio to the thief and then to them.

The residents' time of hiding in the Annex comes to an end when _____

Nazi soldiers come to arrest everyone

The final scene in Act Two takes place _____

after the war has ended

At the end of Act Two, Anne's statement that "in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart" shows that she _____

was positive and hopeful