FIA Quiz: Annulment/invalid marriage

cannot be married under 16 years old for men and women without parental permission (18 in USA)

Insufficient age

can't have sex or children

perpetual impotence

still married but hidden

bond of prior marriage

church didn't know/bless the marriage if wedding not in church (no need for annulment)

disparity of cult

priests can not validly marry

sacred orders

need consent or special circumstance that prevents consent


religious brothers/sisters who have taken vows cannot marry

solemn vows

cheating, unfaithful, addiction/abuse


a blood relationship

consanguinity (incest)

in-law marriage


cannot marry your godparent/sponser

spiritual relationship

adopted children/ family members cannot marry

legal relationship

how much does it cost to get an annulment?

$200 ( free-parish should pay)

how much time does it take for an annulment to be finalized

2-3 months decision