gov chapter 9

Political Parties

Organizations made up of groups of people with similar interests that try to directly influence public policy through their members who seek and hold public office are not as:

Demographic Shifts

Which of the following does not represent a major contributing factor in party realignment?

Divided Government

________ is a condition in which one or more houses of the legislature is controlled by the party in opposition to the executive.


Party polarization is the shift of party positions from moderate towards ideological extremes.

The reallocation of House seats between the states to account for population changes happens after every presidential election.


In which type of electoral system do voters select the party of their choice rather than an individual candidate?

proportianl Representation

________ are members of the voting public who consider themselves part of a political party or who consistently prefer the candidates of one party over the other.


There are only two political parties in the United States.


A shifting of party alliances within the electorate is known as:

party realignment

In the first-past-the-post system a candidate needs a majority of votes to win.


____________ is a system in which the winner of an election is the candidate who wins the greatest number of votes cast.


Which supporter of federalism warned people about the dangers of political parties?


How did the framers feel about parties?

They were afraid of parties

How many party systems have there been in US history?

5-6, depending on who you ask

Which of the following statements about third parties is true?

They almost never win but they do matter

A party system is

The different historical eras as defined by which parties were active at the time.

Which of the following are reasons that parties exist? Choose all that apply.

!!!!!Everything but "To redraw election maps after each census"!!!!!!!!!

____________ are held to choose candidates who will then run in the later general election.

Primary Elections

Which of the following contains examples of what political parties actually do?

Recruit candidates and get out votes

The goal of a political party is to

win elections