History 1-20-20

mass production

Process of making large quantities of a product quickly and cheaply

Industrial Revolution

machines replaced hand tools and large-scale factory production developed

Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

Great Britain (England)

Which two events would help develop the Industrial Revolution in the United States?

the passage of president Thomas Jerfferson's Embargo Act of 1807 and the War of 1812

Explain why these events had the impact they did?

Turned the attention of Americans toward the development of domestic industries

In what part of the US would the Industrial Revolution prosper?

Massachusetts because More capital, More cheap labor, Swiftly flowing rivers to power factories.

what was the first successful American industry

weaving factory in waltham

Describe agriculture in the North

small farms that produced enough food for 1 family

describe agricultural in the south

picked cotton

describe the importance of the cotton gin

set south on a different course of development

American System

unite the nation's economic interests (henry clay)

why was the American System needed?

Americans would finally be economically independent of Britain and other European nations

What was the National Road?

connected different regions by land

Explain the Erie Canal and it's importance

connected Great Lakes to New York City


ensure that the federal government has the power to regulate just about everything that crosses state lines

what was the result of the mcculloch vs. Maryland court case?

declared the bank of the United States constitutional

Who was John Quincy Adams?

Secretary of State to James Monroe


A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country

what was the result of the rush bagot treaty?

lead the United States and Canada to completely demilitarize their common border

what was the outcome of the Adams-onis treaty

bought Spain from Florida

Explain the main principles in the Monroe Doctrine

the US would not involve itself in European affairs or interfere with existing colonies in the Western Hemisphere

what were some main reasons for expansion westward

-fur trading
-economic gain
-cheap land

what was the problem with Missouri's statehood

wanted to come in as a slave state

Missouri Compromise

maine was admitted as a free state and Missouri as a slave state