Emergent Literacy

What literacy skills are assessed in a PALS assessment?

Phonological awareness and alphabetic knowledge

Holding a book with the spine on the left, reading from left to right, beginning at the top of the page and moving downward, knowing that letters and words convey a message, and that the white spaces between print mark the boundaries between words are exa

concepts of print

How can nursery rhymes help develop phonological awareness?

Correct answers include:
knowledge and awareness of rhyme, alliteration, and rhythm, and making literacy instruction enjoyable

What are the four major components of emergent literacy?

concepts of print
alphabetic recognition
phonemic awareness
the development of narrative comprehension

Pointing to words while reading is a sign that the student has a strong grasp on...

Concept of Word

Why is it important for students to learn letter names?

1. Fluent readers recognize words by identifying their component letters instead of recognizing words as whole units.
2. The teacher must have some way to refer to the letters during instruction.

How do predictable books provide a student with "book success"?

Students gain confidence in their reading abilities when they know what to expect in a story.

Think of three questions you could ask a student during a Narrative Wordless Picture Book Task to monitor comprehension.

Questions should cover concepts such as characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of the story, and theme.

How can Narrative Wordless Picture Book Tasks such as a picture walk allow an instructor to examine a child's understanding of how stories work?

Correct answers include:
Does the child exhibit proper book handling skills?
Is the child engaged in the story?
Does the child comment on pictures?
Does the child make comments indicating that he or she is using the pictures to create a coherent story?

Are segmentation tasks a good predictor of spelling knowledge?

No, segmentation tasks reflect spelling knowledge rather than predict it.