American Government Quiz (over history of American government)

Second Continental Congress

America's government during most of the Revolutionary War

to elect a general for war and to finance

What was the job of the Second Continental Congress?

No, so they began writing the Articles of Confederation

Was the Second Continental Congress sufficient?

1) 9 states needed to be in agreement in order to pass legislation; even if some were not present
2) there was no executive or judicial branches of government
3) no power to enforce anything; example = taxes

What are 3 of the Articles of Confederation's weaknesses?

1) got a treaty to end the war and establish independence
2) established the Land Ordinance and Northwest Ordinance

What are some successes of the Articles of Confederation?

provided an orderly sale of land to settlers

What did the Land Ordinance of 1785 do?

provided a plan of government for the territory

What did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 do?

wrote a letter to the king about Parliament

What did the First Continental Congress do?

ignored in and sided with Parliament

What did the king of England do about the Continental Congress's letter?

Prohibitory Act

What cut off all trade between the colonies and England and removed us from the "King's Protection"?

Shay's Rebellion (mob rule)

What was the spark of the Constitutional Convention and was what the Founding Fathers feared?

In the Senate, every state would have two representatives. In the House of Representatives, states representatives would be based off of population.

What did the Connecticut Compromise settle?

He called for prayer to start out every meeting

What did Ben Franklin do to influence the Convention?

James Madison

Who is the "Father of the Constitution"?