S.S. Chapter 4 English Colonies


group of people who settle in a distant land and are ruled by the government of their native land


legal document giving certain rights to establish a colony

Representative government

gov't in which voters elect representatives to make laws

house of Burgesses

governing body of Virginia ( house of representatives)

Mayflower Compact

Document written by pilgrims establishing themselves as a political society and setting guidelines for a gov't


one who disagrees with authority/church


a person or group made to bear the blame for others


when a nation's strength/wealth comes from building its gold supply and expanding its trade


violating trade laws by illegally taking goods into or out of a country.


To be mutually dependent on (ex: countries that trade, colonies and England )

Triangular Trade

Colonial trade route between New England ( rum) , Africa ( slaves) and the West Indies( molasses)

Middle passage

Ocean trip from Africa to Americas ( on the triangular trade route) where thousands of enslaves Africans died.

Indentured servant

person who agreed to work without wages for some time in exchange for passage to colonies.


person who learns a trade or craft from a master ( cooper, chandler, blacksmith, carpenter)