Skills set social studies

Alluvial Plain

A flat area of land next to a stream or river that floods.


A religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Command Economy

government controls activities


A system of government on which a single political party controls the government and the economy.

Compass Rose

shows north south east west


A groups way of life, including types of food, shelter, clothing, language, behavior, or ideas.

Culture Trait

behavior people take part in


cutting down of trees


government citisens elect


One leader, in charge of everything

Economic benefits of competition

lower prices, better quality

Economic Sectors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary)

primary- raw materials, second- using raw materials, tergtiary- services, quaternary- resources

Economy of arid regions of Central Asia

dry land suited for land stock

Effect of latitude on climate

more changes between summer and winter

Effect of rugged terrain on language development

isolated languages


imagenary line at zero degrees latitude

European colonization and spread of religion

encourage exploration and spread religious beliefs


long period of food shortage

Five Themes of Geography (Themes, Sub-Themes, and Explanation)

location, place, human-enviornment interaction, region and movement

Great Basin of North America

marked by smaller mountain ranges and canyons

Great Plains of North America

rich soil

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

total values of goods and services

Holy books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

judaism- hebrew bible christian- christian islam- qura

Human Settlement (geographically, where are many major cities located?)

on a port or water like river


source of energy that uses flowing water to produce electrical power

Industrial Revolution

use power machines and tools


one god, second most common religion


one god,

Large-Scale Map

shows a small area of land with a large amount of detail

Map Legend

key for what symbols on map mean

Market Economy

economic desicions

Mass Media

starts single source then mass

Mediterranean Climate

hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters

Military Coup



person who moves from place to place

North Atlantic Drift

a warm ocean current that warms the waters around the northwest part of Russia


A group of people rule


outbreak of disease that spreads over a wide geographic area


Surronded by three sides of water


permentantly frozen land

Political Map

shows countries and capitals

Prime Meridian

imagenary line at zero degrees longitude

Rain Shadow

A dry region on the side of a mountain range

Religion of Mexico


Religion of Mexico-source


Slash-and- burn

A farming method of clearing land by cutting down and burning forest and vegetation

Small-Scale Map

shows a large area smaller details


very large plain of grassland

Supply and Demand


Traditional Economy



small river that drains into a larger river


flat treeless land found in artic regions

Two most spoken languages of South America