Chapter 10 - The Jefferson Era


policy that government should interfere as little as possible in the nation's economy

customs duties

tax on foreign imported goods

judicial review

the right of the Supreme Court to determine the federal court system, that interprets the nation's laws

Thomas Jefferson

Republican nominee for president

Aaron Burr

Republican nominee for vice president

Judiciary Act of 1801

act that set up regional courts for the United States with 16 judges and other judicial officials

Marbury v. Madison

court case that established the three principles of judicial review

Conestoga wagon

sturdy vehicles topped with white canvas


to break away from

Napoleon Bonaparte

leader of France

Meriwether Lewis & William Clark

explored the Louisiana Territory


Shoshone woman who guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition


led revolt in Santo Domingo against the French

Zebulon Pike

explored the Louisiana Territory and found Pike's Peak

New Orleans

city that was used as a trade center

12th Amendment

amendment that was passed by Congress in order to prevent a tie for voting for president

John Marshall

Chief justice of the supreme court during the Marbury v. Madison case

Louisiana Territory

land west of the Mississippi River that was bought from France

House of Representatives

group that decided the election of 1800

$15 million

the amount of money the United States bought the Louisiana Territory


money paid for protection

neutral rights

the right to sail the seas and not take sides in a war


an order prohibiting trade with another country


forcing people into service, as in the navy

Embargo Act

act passed by Congress restricting trade with countries

Nonintercourse Act

prohibited trade only with Britain and France and their colonies


powerful Shawnee chief, built a confederacy among Native American nations in the Northwest

Battle of Tippecanoe

battle that was led by the Native American "Prophet" where they were defeated


small warship

Andrew Jackson

general who led the fight against the Creeks

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

battle where the Creeks were defeated by Andrew Jackson's forces

Francis Scott Key

attorney who wrote the poem, The Star Spangled Banner while watching the fighting at Fort McHenry

Treaty of Ghent

peace agreement between America and Britain that was signed in Ghent, Belgium

Battle of New Orleans

last battle where British led an attack on American soldiers in New Orleans


armed private ship licensed to attack merchant ships