Test 3(copy)

Tuberculosis and epididymitis

Granulomatous orchitis(Should be distinguised from what diseases?)

Scrotum contents,Testicles, Epididymitis

Nonspecific purulent epididymitis(What organ is effected in epididymitis?)

Caseous Necrosis

Tuberculous orchitis and epididymitis(What kind of necrosis is seen on slide?)


Seminoma of the testis(Counterpart of the lesion?)

Germ cell tumor

Embryonal carcinoma of the testis(WHO Classification?)

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Spine,Pelvis,Ribs,Proximal femur

Adenocarcinoma of the prostate(Most typical anatomical locations of metastasis from this neoplasm?)


Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN III)(

Ovary,Falopian tube,Ubilicus,Intestine

Acute endometritis(4 anatomical sites of acute endometritis?)



Endometrioid carcinoma of the uterine corpus

Stromal sarcoma of the uterine corpus


Complete hydatidiform mole


Polycystic ovary (Stein-Leventhal syndrome)

Serous cystadenoma of the ovary

Brenner tumor

Granulosa cell tumor

Dermoid cyst

Metastatic gastric signet ring cell carcinoma in the ovary (Krukenberg tumor)(mucicarmine)

Purulent salpingitis

Ectopic tubal pregnancy

Purulent mastitis (701).

Fibrocystic change (4).

Fibroadenoma (704).

Phyllodes tumor (705).

Paget disease of the breast (709).

Invasive carcinoma of the breast of no special type (NST) (710).

Invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast (707).