Ch. 26 Workbook quiz

What specific information must the dental team receive from the patient before it can provide dental treatment?

Patient registration, medical history, and informed consent

Which term describes the collection of data to help the dentist make a correct diagnosis?


The patient record is a permanent document of whom/what?

The dentist

Quality assurance is an important asset of a practice because ___.

it describes the type of care a patient is receiving

The patient should be instructed to enter his or her name on the registration form as ___.

First name, last name, and middle initial

When a medical-dental history form is being completed, the patient must verify that the entered information is accurate by including a ___.

signature and date

The dental history section of a health history form provides the dental team with information regarding ___.

previous dental treatment and care

Which medical condition would require an alert notification?

an allergy to penicillin

What additional form woulda patient complete and sign if he or she were having extensive surgical treatment completed by a specialist?

informed consent form