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_____ is most likely responsible for endorsement of the better-than-average effect.

the overconfidence phenomenon

Jon Stewart, Mark Zuckerberg, and Natalie Portman all majored in _____, attesting to the versatility of skills acquired through study of this subject area.


Which of the following is the reason that good leaders often employ someone to play the role of devil's advocate before making an important decision?

confirmation bias

Introspective analysis about an event or an area of interest tends to result in the pleasure paradox, which means that an individual:

begins to like that event or interest less after consideration.

The difference between nonempirical and empirical research is:

nonempirical research is based on opinion, whereas empirical research is based on systematic measurement.

The law of small numbers states:
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extreme outcomes are more likely when considering a small number of cases.

Which of the following sounds the LEAST like a pseudoscience claim?

test preparation classes that boast modest improvement through weeks of guided practice

Psychological science is based on:

empirical research

Which of the following is a characteristic of a good scientist?


Nea lives in Atlanta, GA, and learned that there was a tornado watch issued for a nearby county. In deciding whether to follow tornado safety protocols and seek appropriate shelter in her home, she remembers the recent news broadcasts and images from torn

availability heuristic.

Marigold is told by her mother that her intellectual abilities are the result of a "baby genius" program that her mother enrolled her in when she was an infant. Now that Marigold has taken developmental psychology, she is filled with questions about how m


People who are victims of the confirmation bias are like detectives who are focused on looking for _____ information.


Mr. Inza gave an exam in his 8th grade history class and the mean grade in the class was 82. Identify the grade that is the outlier for this exam.


Introspection is:

reflecting on one's own thoughts and experiences to find relevant evidence.

Psychologists replicate previous findings for each of the following reasons, EXCEPT:

it cultivates a healthy distrust for other's efforts.

Claims that are misrepresented as being derived from the use of the scientific method, even though they are not known as:


Which career skill pertains to an individual's ability to share their research findings to a broader audience (e.g., conference presentation)?

communication skills

_____ is a bias in which people emphasize some pieces of information while undervaluing other pieces of information.

The focusing effect