What is the Maximum continuous shaft horsepower of the 701D

1716 SHP

Will the secondary mounts support the engine if the primary should fail?


Name the four engine modules

Cold section
Hot Section
Power Turbine Module
Accessory Section Module

the ATS serves what purpose?

ATS rotates the compressor, through the accessory section module until the engine compressor reaches self sustaining speed (52%ng)

what is the purpose of the radial driveshaft?

drives the accessory section

What is the purpose of the IPS?

separates foreign particles from inlet airflow and provides separation of foreign particles from the inlet airflow to protect the engine

Purpose of the Cold Section

Clean, Direct and compress air

Purpose of the Hot Section

mixing of air and fuel for combustion

Common Hydromechanical Unit

Pumps fuel
Meters fuel, pressurization and shutoff
NG Control
Variable stator vane actuation
Start Bleed valve actuation

What does the engine fuel system provide to the engine?

automatic engine trim and load sharing between the engines to reduce pilot workload

Which occurs first, the red indicator button popping on the fuel filter housing, or the EUFD message FUEL 1 BYPASS?

the red indicator button pops first

The CHMU provides mechanical Ng overspeed protection to the engine at what percent Ng?

110+- 2%

The ODV receives an electrical Signal from the DECU/ECU when an Np overspeed exists, opening the overspeed solenoid valve, which stops fuel flow to the injectos. At what Np speed does this occur?

118.1 +-1%

The engine oil filter has an impending bypass indicator that will cause a red indicator to pop out when differential pressure across the filter reaches 40-60psid. Will this send a signal to the MP?

yes with a caution tone

What protects the engine lubrication system from excessive pressure during initial starts?

Cold Oil relief valve

The oil pressure transmitter is responsible for sending a low oil pressure signal to the MP. When the MP receives the signal what is the engine oil pressure?

20-25 psi

Does the C sump provide any emergency lubrication?

C sump does not provide emergency lubrication

How long is emergency oil lubrication provided when Ng is 75%?

30 seconds

Is the engine chip detector fuzz-burning or non-fuzz burning?

non fuzz burning

How is the engine anit-ice/start bleed valve mechanically controlled?

Controlled by the CHMU

once the engine is self-sustained during the start process, are the igniter plugs used any more prior to engine shutdown?


Where does the thermocouple harness assembly measure the temperature of the gases for the engine?

Power Turbine inlet

In the event of an electrical system failure, what position will the anti-ice/start bleed valve be in?

fail safes in the opened position

How many volts AC does the engine driven alternator provide for the engine electrical system?

115 vac

When will the EDECU give you contingency power?

Np is less than 97%
Np is decelerating at 5% per second or greater

What Power lever quadrant requires electrical power to manipulate engine power levers?

ignition switch must be placed to batt or external power

When a power lever is advanced into lockout, what automatic features are lost?

Temperature limiting, overspeed protection

What is the ignition override switch used for?

Abort automatic start sequence or disengage ATS output shaft if the sprag clutch fails to disengage

What happens to both engines when the engine chop button is pressed?

immediately and simultaneously reduces both engines electronically to idle.

The MPD ENG page displays what three formats?


What two status windows may appear in the upper right of the flight format when their associated systems are outside normal operating ranges?

Oil Pressure less than 23 or greater than 120
Hydraulic pressure iis less than 1260 or greater than (3300 more than 5 minutes) 3400 psi for more than 5 seconds

Which status window of the two has priority when both systems are out of limits?

Hydraulic takes priority

When the ENG page autopages to Emergency format in response to an active warning, how do you revert back to flight format?

selecting ACK button (B4)

What engine parameters utilize the count-down timer feature?

Torque, TGT, Ng

What are two types of engine hit checks that can be performed?


How can you prevent the ECS from automatically activating the Heating mode?


When checking the baseline page, you find the numbers are different than those annotated on the HIT log. What should be done?


When TGT margin is within _________ degrees or less of the table TGT limit, a write-up on the DA form 2408-13 is required

5 degrees

What does it indicate when the TGT values are getting closer to the established limits?

in need of cleaning or repair