CS 202 Exam Two


mostly widely used video sharing website that was started in 2005


video sharing website that was started in 2004

Live Stream

to record and share a video of an event as the event happens


free online encyclopedia composed of crowd-sourced articles


collaborative development of content (means quick)


an approach to developing content that involves having the users be the contributors; this is why Wikipedia is not the most reliable source to use

Social Networking

connecting people via common interests, backgrounds, and real-life connections


electronic mail that has been around since the 60s

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

common protocol for retrieving email message via the Internet

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

common protocol for sending email messages via the internet


sends an email to a specific individual

Reply All

sends an email to a group of individuals


group of emails with the same subject


automatic tools that monitor incoming emails

Spam Filter

common predefined filter for most email systems to filter out spam from the regular inbox

Vacation Messages

auto-play filter used when a person is out of town

Text Message

alternative to email-- transmitted via a cellular network

SMS (Short Message Service)

a message sent over cell phones that is text limited

SMSC (Short Message Service Center)

responsible for storing and delivering text messages

MMS (Multimedia Message Service)

allows text messages to contain multimedia elements (videos, pictures, audio, and text)


a website that organizes each entry based on date


entries in a blog


the writer or author of a blog


added features on websites that can allow for interactive features


playing media directly from the Internet in the browser

Mobile Web Browser

a website designed for mobile devices with smaller screens and touch interfaces

RWD (Responsive Web Design)

web server sends same HTML to both desktop and mobile browsers but the browsers on the machine alter the appearance to match the device

Screen Emulator

software that stimulates how mobile device screens operate

DPR (Device Pixel Ratio)

ratio between device pixels and logical pixels

Logical Pixels

device-independent pixels (DIP)

Retina Display

screen that packs more pixels into a smaller area than a traditional screen


connection of billions of computers using the Internet Protocol's communication rules


information sent via the Internet that it how computers communicate

IP (Internet Protocol)

basic communication rules of the Internet

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

the protocol that defines how data to be sent over the Internet is first broken down into packets


receives packets from computers and sends those packets to other computers

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

a company that actually provides access to the internet via their hardware and software

IP Address

the unique location of a computer on the network

How many numbers separated by periods does an IP address contain?


Domain Name

text version of the IP address

DNS (Domain Name System)

a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network.

DNS Server

converts the domain name to the IP address


original protocol most commonly recognized (32 bit addresses)


new protocol that gives us a little more to work with as far as combinations with unique addresses (128 bits)

Static IP Address

the IP address never changes

Dynamic IP Address

the IP address changes frequently-- each time the computer is newly connected to the Internet


combining of electrical signals that data is sent over


demodulates the signals


used to translate/modulate/demodulate data

Wi-Fi Router

allows the user to have a wire free internet connection

IEEE 802.11

wireless computer networking standard that Wi-Fi gets its name from


a public place with an available wireless signal for Internet access

Computer Networks

evolved from the solitary machines of the 1950s. in the 1960s, these networks were mostly used to connect computers in the same building/floor of a corporation

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

an early way for transferring files, like a word processing document or an image file, where a user would login to another computer, and then type commands to copy specific files among the computers


a more convenient way for computers to communicate files

HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language)

the code making up the text files we see on webpages


the program that launches HTML files

HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol)

the set of rules to transfer HTML files from computer to computer

WWW (WorldWide Web)

what the web was originally called

Web Search

program that seeks web pages that best match user-typed words

Web Search Engine

a specific website that does the web searches

Web Search Matching Criteria

search engines use this to find information that best matches what the user types in


a database of key words that point to specific pages

Web Crawler

constantly crawling the web updating the index information

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigning Names and Number)

manages, assigns, and handles disputes over domain names

Domain Name Registrar

a separate company from ICANN that is authorized to reserve domain names

Top-Level Domain

the part of the domain name that is at the end (.com, .net, .org, etc.)

Second-Level Domain

the middle part of the domain name(amazon, google, etc.)


the practice of registering a domain name in the hopes of selling it later for a profit

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

the location of a file on the web

Web Host

a company that provides the web servers that store web content


automatically redirects a domain's visitor to a target URL

Masked Forwarding

automatically redirects a domain's visitor to a target URL without revealing the target URL


surrounds normal text in an HTML file to indicate formatting, links, or other items


text that can be clicked to jump to another webpage

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

a language that can be used to style a webpage (color, size, spacing, fonts, etc.)

CSS Color

defined colors that are standard design colors


short for red, green, blue

Unordered List

a collection of items indicated by bullets (<ul></ul>)

Ordered List

sequenced collecting of items usually indicated by numbers or letters (<ol></ol>)

List Item

the items in a list surrounded by <li></li>

Nest Lists

lists inside of lists

Web Page

a document that is viewed in a web browser


a collection of related webpages

Web Server

a computer (or software running on a computer) that serves webpages to web browsers

W3C (The WorldWide Web Consortium)

the international standards organization that controls web standards

Root Servers

the thirteen main DNS servers that exist in the world

ccTLD (Country-Code Top-Level Domain)

an additional top-level domain that each country is assigned (.uk, .ru, .de, .us)


characters at the beginning of a URL followed by a colon or a colon and double slashes


the complete domain name specified in the URL (a. Ex: In http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol, the hostname is www.cdc.gov)


all characters to the right of the hostname in the URL (Ex: In http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol, the path is "/alcohol")

DNS Lookup

sending the domain name to the local DNS and getting back the IP address of the web server hosting the domain name

HTTP Request

when a message is sent from a web browser to the web server

HTTP Response

when a message is sent from a web server to a web browser

Request Method

indicates the desired action to perform on a resource (GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE)

Status Code

a three-digit number that indicates the status of the requested resource

Browser Redirect

when the web server returns a 301 or 302 status code with a Location header indicating the URL the browser should load next

Browser Cache

a small fast memory only associated with that browser that stores web content for quick retrieval...as in your username, or a frequently visited website

Etag (Entity Tag)

an identifier that gives you the specific version of the web resource you want, this helps to keep up with what version of something you might be viewing

Network Sniffer

a software that monitors network traffic and allows users to inspect HTTP requests and responses


a form of HTTP that encrypts messages between browser and web server

Digital Certificate

certifications provided to websites so they can use HTTPS

Certificate of Authority

verifies that the organization is who they say they are and they have the correct protocol in place to use HTTPS

IoT (Internet of Things)

a global collection of communicating devices that sense and control technology on behalf of humans

Web Accessibility

ability of users with disabilities to access and use webpages

Cognitive Computing

artificial intelligence techniques

Separation of Concerns

the design principle of breaking up web content using distinct languages and documents that overlap as little as possible


a single HTML structure


the fifth major revision of the HTML standard and is recommended for use by the W3C


: a value that provides additional information about a particular tag and is included after the tag name but before the > in the tag


part of a language that is officially discouraged because newer or better features exist, or because the deprecated feature is no longer considered safe

HTML Validator

checks that an HTML document conforms to the standard

Boolean Attribute

attributes that measure a true or false value: "if a check box is checked, it is true. If it isn't checked, it is false

CSS Rule

selects specific HTML elements and specifies styling properties for that element


a programming language that runs in a browser, enabling web pages to support interactive elements


tag that allows a webpage to include interactive content. Used to indicate that the content is not JavaScript


a named program portion that can be run by referring to that name


uses variables, comments, and loops to compute solutions


specific memory locations of an item


used to make notes in the program about specific data, variable, etc. but is not shown in the actual browser

For Loop

used to help limit the repetition of instructions

HTML Comment

a portion of the HTML document that is not displayed by the browser


an HTML structure surrounded by the <table> opening and </table> closing tag that allows data to be organized in rows and columns

Table Row

surrounded by the <tr> opening and </tr> closing tags and contains all the cells within a table row


the location of the table at a specific row and column


plural of data

Aspect Ratio

the ratio of the image width to the image height

Required Attributes for Inserting an Image into a Webpage

src and alt

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

image formate that is commonly used for digital photographs

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

image format that is commonly used for line art and screenshots or images requiring transparency

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

image format that is commonly used for simple animated images

Lossy Compression

some of the original picture information is lost

Lossless Compression

no image quality is lost

True Color

approximately 16 million different colors-- 24 bit color

Anchor Tag

the tag that defines a hyperlink in a webpage (<a></a>)


specifies where other information is located and what action the web browser should perform when a user clicks the hyperlink


a section of a document pointed to by adding a hashtag and identifier at the end of a URL

ID Attribute

Adding this to any HTML tag creates a fragment identifier, thus permitting URLs to link directly to that location in the document (like a bookmark)

Graphical Hyperlink

using an image to create a link


an attribute that indicates how the browser should display the link when clicked

Absolute URL

a complete URL

Relative URL

specifies the relative path to the web resource with no scheme or hostname

Special Characters

symbols in HTML, such as mathematical symbols, characters in most languages, and many other symbols


a mechanism for writing special characters, or symbols in HTML, such as mathematical symbols

Non-Breaking Character

an inter-word character that permits treating the words on both sides to be one word

Non-Breaking Hyphen

&#8209;, looks like a regular hyphen, but acts like a normal character in the middle of a word

Non-Breaking Space

&nbsp;, looks like a single space, but acts like a normal character in the middle of a word


any part of a web document body that has opening and closing tags

Parent Container

containers within which other containers are located

Block Tags

tags that reference an entire block of code

Inline Tags

tags that only reference small bits of content inside larger block containers


can be used to send information from the user to the server


URL where where the form data should be sent


HTTP request type the browser will use to communicate with

Query String

the data collected from the form fields

Enctype Attributes

attribute that indicates the web browser should split a POST request into multiple parts


an interactive component of a website

Text Area Widget

widget that allows users to enter multiple lines of text


a widget that allows the user to interactively pick a choice using a popup or other guided selection method


a mechanism that allows a web page element to function correctly even if the browser does not support a particular element


a fallback using JavaScript code that makes certain features of HTML5 (Ex: the date picker) work on browsers that do not natively support those HTML5 features


tag that is used to allow webpages to have more clear style decisions


specifies the HTML element which the rule will apply to


indicates what value is assigned to a styling property

Declaration Block

contains one or more declarations separated by semicolons

Unordered List Tag


Ordered List Tag


Hyperlink Tag


Image Tag

<imgsrc=http://example.com/family.jpg alt="Smith family reunion">

Header Tag


Paragraph Tags


Line Break Tags






Comment Tags

<!�comment goes here -->

Table Rows Tag


Table Header Tags


Table Datum Tags


Caption Tags



to merge columns in a table (<colspan></colspan>)


to merge rows in a table (<rowspan></rowspan>)

Background Tags

<body style="background-color:#ffff00">

Font Color Tags

a. <style="color:blue">

Style Tags