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At which stage in the monthly cycle does ovulation typically occur?

14 days before the onset of the next menstrual period.

What is the most appropriate response from a nurse when a mother reports that her 10-year-old daughter's breasts recently began to develop and asks when her daughter might begin to menstruate?

The first menstrual period (menarche) occurs 2 to 2� years after breast development

What is the function of Montgomery's glands?

Secrete substances to lubricate and protect the breasts during lactation

The tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus is known as the

The perineum is a strong, muscular area between the vaginal opening and the anus.

Which statements are true about puberty? (Select all that apply.)

The first outward change of puberty for a girl is development of breasts.
Testosterone causes boys to develop secondary sex characteristics
The first menstrual period in females occurs 2 to 2� years after development of breasts

Testosterone has what effects not related to reproduction? (Select all that apply.)

Promotes growth of long bones Correct
Increases muscle mass and strength
Increases sebum production

Which hormones have a role in the reproductive cycle for the female? (Select all that apply.)

Follicle-stimulating hormone Correct
Luteinizing hormone Correct
Estrogen Correct

At what point does preeclampsia become eclampsia?

One or more generalized tonic-colonic seizures

A patient is 28 weeks pregnant and has pregnancy-induced hypertension. Which symptom would indicate that her condition is worsening?

Epigastric pain

What is the best description of erythroblastosis fetalis of the fetus and newborn

An immune reaction by the mother's blood against the Rh factor on the fetus' red blood cells

The first sign of fluid retention in the pregnant woman diagnosed with gestational hypertension is

sudden, excessive weight gain.

When a pregnancy occurs outside the uterine cavity, it is referred to as a

ectopic pregnancy.

What are the predisposing factors for abruptio placentae? (Select all that apply.)

Hypertension Correct
Poor nutrition Correct
Folate deficiency Correct
Cigarette smoking

Which symptoms should be reported to the obstetrician during the pregnancy? (Select all that apply.)

Sudden gush of fluid Correct
Blurred vision Correct
Vaginal bleeding

At what time during pregnancy would patient education focus mainly on physiologic changes, fetal development, sexuality during pregnancy, and nutrition

During the first trimester

Where is the irregular hyperpigmentation of chloasma found?

Chloasma is irregular hyper pigmented areas on the face.

When an expectant mother asks why she should see a physician so often during her pregnancy, what is the nurse's best response

It helps the mother to maintain good health and promote a good outcome for the fetus.

Varicosities of the rectum and anus that become more severe with constipation and with descent of the infant's head into the pelvis are called

This is the definition of hemorrhoids, which are discomforts that can occur during pregnancy.

Which symptoms are expected changes during pregnancy? (Select all that apply.)

Nasal stuffiness
Breast enlargement Correct
Skin discoloration

What are the positive signs of pregnancy? (Select all that apply.)

Fetal heart activity
Visualization of fetus with ultrasound

Which routine assessments are made at each prenatal visit? (Select all that apply.)

Fundal height
fetal heart rate

what is the usual site of implantation for the female reproductive system?

The zygote usually implants in the upper section of the posterior uterine wall.

An expectant mother is at her first prenatal visit. She informs the nurse that she smokes cigarettes but has cut back to approximately 10 cigarettes per week and asks if she may continue to smoke this many per week. What would be the best response?

Factors such as smoking and alcohol use may adversely affect your baby's development.

What is the most accurate response from a nurse when a pregnant woman having an ultrasound at 8 weeks of gestation asks if she may learn her expectant child's sex?

The 10th week is when the external genitalia are visible on ultrasound

Which hormone is produced by the placenta?


Which maternal hormone reduces uterine contractions to prevent spontaneous abortions?

One of the functions of progesterone is to reduce uterine contractions and is sometimes supplemented by physicians to prevent spontaneous abortions.

Which statements are true about the placenta? (Select all that apply.)

It produces estrogen which stimulates the development of breasts for lactation. Correct
It serves as an organ for fetal respiration, nutrition, and excretion
It functions as an endocrine gland during the pregnancy.

What functions does the amniotic fluid have? (Select all that apply

Maintains an even temperature Correct
Allows for symmetrical growth
Allows buoyancy and fetal movement

The experienced nurse is instructing the new nurse about communications concerning the patient. The nurse suggests using an SBAR method and lists the four elements included in the technique. Which four elements should be included in the instruction?

Situation, background, assessment, and recommendation

A group of women are discussing childbirth experiences. Which statement would most likely indicate that the woman gave birth in the 1950s?

I was discharged from the hospital 1 week following delivery.

The nurse admitting a 3-year-old patient with the medical diagnosis of pneumonia identifies congestion and inspiratory wheezes in both lungs. This information is considered part of which step of the nursing process?


Which government department is responsible for overseeing the administration of the WIC program?

Department of Public Health

Which is a diagnosis that the nurse is legally responsible to report


What is true of family-centered care? (Select all that apply.

The nurse's role is to enter into a partnership with the family
he family's involvement during pregnancy and birth is seen as constructive necessary for bonding and support. Correct
Families contribute their ability to accept and maintain control over the

Which individuals played a role in decreasing infections for patients, increasing mortality to what it is today? (Select all that apply

Lister Correct
Pasteur Correct