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What three features was the The Linnaeus classificatory system was
based on

Body structure
(morphology) Homologies
Body function
Sequence of bodily

Anthropology definition

� study of mankind or humankind

Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic relativity Descriptive linguistics
Historical linguistics Sociolinguistics
Applied linguistic anthropology

Cultural Anthropology

also social or sociocultural anthropology)

Biological Anthropology (also physical anthropology)

Molecular anthropology (genetic anthropology) Growth,
adaptation, variation Forensic anthropology
Primatology Paleoanthropology (human paleontology)


Historical archaeology Bioarchaeology
Contemporary archaeology Cultural resource


Giving primacy to the morals, values, and customs of one�s own
culture often with the result of believing one�s own culture to be
most superior.

Emic and Etic perspectives

Emic perspective is a cultural insider�s subjective point of view,
while etic perspective is a cultural outsider�s more objective point of view.


Assumption that any aspect of culture is integrated with all other
aspects, so that culture can only be understood through a sense of totality

Cultural Relativism

The idea that culture can only be judged by cultural standards,
making it of little or no value to judge other people�s culture using
standards from one�s own society; any given culture can really only be
understood using cultural standards from within that culture.


Cultural study based on single site mapping or descriptive writing


Cultural study based on comparative analysis


Shared, learned behavior and knowledge

Cultural Determinism

belief that cultural has larger role in determining observed behavior

Biological determinism

belief that biology has larger role in determining observed behavior


subpopulation category based on assumed biological difference, either
genetic or morphological
More of a social concept than biological one, since aggregate
biological variation between races tends to be no greater than
variation within races

Biological Objections to the �Race� Concept