Anthropology: Sobo Chapter 5

Out of Africa Model

Most widely accepted theory of how we spread out to occupy nearly the entire globe. Also known as the 'single origin'

Replacement Hypothesis

Viewpoint that states those who left first may have been decimated by disease new population waves brought, or driven out or otherwise replaced by newcomers.

Assimilation Hypothesis

Viewpoint that states that those who left first may have been absorbed or assimilated into newer populations.


co-occured with regularity, concordant, one gene set, gene, or allele is a predictor for or index to the fact that another particular gene set, gene, or allele will co-occur.

Multiple Origins

Viewpoint that states despite our original differences, all evolutionary paths eventually came together, ending up with humans of our kind


Looking at people and fitting them into subgroups based on how their bodies look.


Includes and evaluative component


Racial traits exhibit this. Refer to Concordance.

Geographic clines

The incrementally changing distributions of traits over geographic regions, which are related to incrementally changing challenges.