Patient Care (Chapter Eleven)

What is typically the first step for the sonographer in most emergency situations in the hospital system?

Alert the emergency response team.

Which of the following is also referred to as a mini-stroke?

Transient ischemic attack

What type of shock results from the loss of blood or other body fluids?

Hypovolemic shock

Which type of shock results in peripheral vasodilation due to nervous system dysfunction?

Neurogenic shock

What term describes bluish discoloration of the skin?


What type of occurrence can result from a patient's apprehension about an invasive procedure?

Vasovagal reaction

What stage of the shock continuum results in lactic acidosis?


What medical emergency consists of the heart abruptly stopping its function and the loss of consciousness?

Cardiac arrest

Which of the following would NOT be considered a typical symptom of diabetes mellitus?


What is a typical cause of pulmonary embolism?

Deep vein thrombosis

You are performing a sonogram on an outpatient with a history of epilepsy. Suddenly, the patient becomes rigid, her eyes stretch wide open, and she begins to jerk. What is the most likely diagnosis?


What term describes an increased depth of breathing?


Which of the following describes heart dysfunction as the result of pressure caused by fluid around the heart?

Cardiac tamponade

Low blood pressure caused by a rapid change in position is referred to as?

Orthostatic hypotension

What type of shock is associated with an invasion of bacteria and the body's subsequent reaction?

Septic shock

What term is defined as profuse perspiration?


Which of the following would cause an obstetric patient who is at 32 weeks' gestation to experience syncope symptoms during an obstetric sonogram?

Supine hypotensive syndrome

Which type of diabetes is diagnosed most often when patients are younger than 30 years old?

Type 1

What should the sonographer do in the case of a patient who has a DNR?

Follow the protocol for DNR orders for your institution

What type of shock is associated with an extreme allergic reaction?

Anaphylactic shock