Health Care Systems

Long Term Care Facilities

provide assistance and care mainly for elderly patients

Emergency Care Clinics

provide special care for accidents or sudden illness

Mental Heath Facilities

deal with mental disorders and diseases

Industrial Health Care Centers

health centers located in large companies or industries

Dental Offices

offices owned by one or more dentists


performs special diagnostic tests

Home Health Care Facilities

provide care in a patient's home

Rehabilitation Facilities

provide physical, occupational, and other therapies

Genetic Counseling Centers

check for genetic abnormalities and birth defects

General Hospitals

treat a wide range of conditions and age groups (medical, surgical, and emergency care services)

Specialty Hospitals

provide care for special conditions or age group; burn hospitals, oncology (cancer) hospitals, pediatric hospital, psychiatric (mental), orthopedic (bone, joint, muscle disease), rehabilitative (physical and occupational) therapy

Government Hospitals

operated by federal, state, and local government agencies located throughout the world. (ex: veteran, hospital, state psychiatric or rehabilitation center)

University/College Medical Center

provide hospital services along with research and education; funded by private and government sources

Residential Care Facilities

designed to provide basic physical care and emotional care to those who can no longer care for themselves

Extended Care Facilities

designed to provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitative care to prepare patients to return home

Independent Living Facilities

allows individuals who can live and care for themselves to rent or purchase an apartment

Palliative Care

care that provides support and comfort

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

provide total health care directed toward preventive health care for a fee that is usually fixed or prepaid

Industrial Health Care Centers

(occupational health clinics) are found in large companies or industries. provide health care for employees of the industry or business by performing basic examinations, teaching accident prevention and safety, and providing emergency care

School Health Services

provide emergency care for victims of accidents and sudden illness

World Health Organization (WHO)

an international agency sponsored by the United Nations; compiles statistics and information on disease, publishes health information, and investigates and addresses serious health problems throughout the world

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS)

a national agency that deals with the health problems in the United States

National Institutes of Health

a division of the USDHHS; involved in research on disease

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

another division of the USDHHS; concerned with causes, spread, and control of diseases in populations

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

a federal agency responsible for regulating food and drug products sold to the public

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR)

a federal agency established in 1990 to research the quality of health care delivery and identify the standards of treatment that should be provided by health care facilities

Health Departments

provide health care services as directed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS); also provide specific services needed by the state or local community


Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner


Licensed Practical Nurse


Doctor of Philosophy


Doctor of Education


Physical Therapist


High Blood Pressure


Medical Doctor

Non-profit Agencies

are supported by donations, membership fees, fund-raisers, and federal grants

Health Insurance Plans

pay for costs of health care; without it, a financial disaster will more than likely take place


a specific amount of money a patient pays for a particular service


amount that must be paid by the patient for medical services before the policy begins to pay


requires that specific percentages of expenses are shared by the patient and insurance company

Preferred Provider Organization

a type of managed care health insurance plan usually provided by large industries or companies to their employees.


federal government program that provides health care for almost all individuals over the age of 65, for any person with a disability who has received Social Security benefits for at least two years, and for any person with end-stage renal (kidney) disease

Medicap policies

health insurance plans that help pay expenses not covered by Medicare.


medical assistance program that is jointy funded by the federal government and state governments but operated by individual states

State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

established in 1997 to provide health care to uninsured children of working families who earn too little to afford private insurance, but too eligible for Medicaid.

Worker's Compensation

a health insurance plan providing treatment for workers injured on the job.


a U.S. government health insurance plan for all military personnel; provides care for all active duty members and their families, survivors of military personnel and retired members of the Armed Forces.

Managed Care

Insurance companies pay large medical bills and want to insure the money is spent efficiently rather than wastefully


Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

What HIPAA does

ensures that the confidentiality of the patient is not breached no matter the circumstances

Organizational Structure

encompasses a line of authority or chain of command


record of the breasts


the study of


one who specializes in an area of study

Pine Grove Behavioral Center

psychiatric facility


sudden onset of an illness


to regenerate the activity of the extremities






under one's control






dealing with the heart

Social Interaction Activity



one who lives in a long-term care facility


bound to happen


to violate


dealing with or relating to Satan


specializes in babies and the delivery of babies


specializes in treatment and care of the female


swelling of the eyes


doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results.


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation




one who specializes in diseases within the eye


one who gives patients glasses


long time, long term, or reoccuring


chief executive officer


veteran administration


a period of specialized training in the medical field; internship


licensed vocational nurse