World Geography - Chapter 1


The study of everything.


Imaginary lines that run north and south.


Imaginary lines that run east and west.

Functional Regions

These are made up of different places that are linked together and function as a unit.


What does the Red line Represent on a grid?
0 degrees east/west

Tropic of Capricorn

23 1/2 degrees South
What does the Red Line Represent on a grid?

Tropic of Cancer

23 1/2 degrees North.
What does the Red Line Represent on a grid?


Also known as the key, identifies the symbols on a map and what they represent.


They measure distance east and west of the Prime Meridian.

Relative Location

Determining the location of a place is in relation to another.


An area with one or more common features that make it different from surrounding areas.

Perceptual Regions

Reflect human feelings and attitudes.
(Example: Back Home) Can be difficult to define


Divided by the equator, the two halves of the globe.


Imaginary lines that make a pattern which run north, south, east, and west, and circle the globe.