Ap World History Chapter 7

Which is not a reason for the decline of the abbasid dynasty by the ninth century C.E.?

The collapse of the cities in the Islamic heartland

Which statement is TRUE regarding caliph al-Mahdi and the problem of succession on the abbasid dynasty?

He failed to resolve the problem of dynastic succession with disastrous results

How did the administration of al-rash of set a trend for subsequent abbasid rulers?

He was at the outset of his Reign heavily dependent on Persian advisors, a practice that became a commonplace there after

What accounts of disruption of the agriculture economy of the abbasid empire?

Spiraling taxation, destruction of the irrigation works, and pillaging by mercenary armies led to destruction and abandonment of many villages

What changed occurred during the abbasid period with respect to women?

The establishment of the harem

What was the impact of the Seljuk conquest of Baghdad on the abbasid empire?

It restored the ability of the empire to meet the challenges of the Egypt and the Byzantine empire

What accounts for the success of the first crusade?

Muslim political fragmentation and the element of suprise

What was the impact of the crusades on the Christian west?

Christians adopted military techniques, words, scientific learning, and arabic numerals among other things

What was the primary written language of the later abbasid court?


Which of the following was not a literary figure during the abbasid empire?

Muhammad ibn qasin

How did the political center of islam change after the mongol invasions?

Baghdad was supplanted by Dario to the east and soon thereafter Istanbul to the north?

What was the difference between the Islamic invasions of India and precious incursions of the subcontinent?

With the Muslims, the people of India encountered for the first time a large scale of influx of invaders with a civilization as sophisticated as their own

How did islam and Hinduism differ?

Islam stressed the egalitarianism of all believers, while islam embraced a caste-based social system.

Where was the capital of the Islamic kingdom established after 1206 on the gangetic plain?


What groups in India were most likely concert to islam?

Buddhists and low class Hindus

Which of the following groups did not revolt against abbasid rule?


What was the fictional account of life at the court of the caliph al rashid?

The tale of the thousand and one nights?

What was the result of the civil wars following the death of al rashid?

After the death of al-rashid candidates that went there for the throne recognized they need to build up personal armies, often of slave soldiers

What groups successfully capture Baghdad in 1055?

Seljuk Turks

How did the Muslim conquerors of Sind treat the Hindu and Buddhist residents of the region?

Treated as dhimmis

The commander of the first Islamic incursion into the Sind in 711 was


What was the impact of the crusades in islam?

Very little

What was the shah-Nama?

A poem written in 1010 known as book of kings

Which of the following statements concerning the ulama is true?

Stressed increasingly restrictive conservatism within islam, science especially

What group capture Baghdad in 1258


What was the date of the first Muslim raid in India?


What was the most critical cultural advance as a result of the increased contact between Muslims and India civilization?

Adopted Indian math notation

What descendent of a Turkish space led a series of expeditions in India?

Muhammed of ghuz

What ruler was associated with the transition from raiding to the est. of an Islamic empire in the Indian subcontinent?

Muhammad of ghur

Why were Sufis effective missionaries in Indian subcontinent?

They shared much with India, mystics

How did Hinduism respond to the challenge of islam?

They placed greater emphasis on devoted cults to gods

Spread of islam to SE Asia was delayed til the Buddhist empire fell in..


How did islam spread into SE Asia?

Port cities and trade centers

Nature of Islamic religion developed in SE Asia

Mystical nature that incorporated much of the indigenous religion

Al-Mahdis attitude toward Shias

Disagreed who the caliph should be

Mercenary armies

Had large slave groups

Abbasids toward Slavery

Wanted to keep it growing; more men and women

Women in the abbasid era

Married at the age of 9

Regional splinter dynasty that capture Baghdad?

Buyids of Persia

Religious affiliation of Seljuk terks


When was Jerusalem capture by Christians?


Impact of Seljuk conquest of Baghdad on the abbasid empire?

Purge the Shias off rals

When was the fall of acre?


What was the trend of urbanization in abbasid empire?

Declining agriculture

Level of trade

Long distance