Chapter4 American History

Stamp Act

Parliament passed it. Requiring Colonists to pay a direct tax on a variety of printed items.

Samuel Adams

Helped found the Sons of Liberty, a secret resistance group.

Townshend Acts

Colonists react with rage and well organized resistance to the _, a package of revenue laws imposing taxes on imports of glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea.

Boston Massacre

Tensions rise between Britain and the Colonies when the_ leaves Crispus Attucks and four others dead.

Committees of Correspondence

The Assemblies of Massachusetts and Virginia set up_ to communicate with other colonies about British threats to colonists liberties.

Boston Tea Party

Colonists stage the_to send a message to Britain communicating there feelings about the tea act.

King George III

The Royal head of England, urges Parliament to take quick action to punish Massachusetts.

Intolerable Acts

Parliament passes what the colonists call the_, a series of measures that, among other things, shut down Boston Harbor to authorize British Commanders to house soldiers in private homes.

Martial Law

To Keep Peace, General Thomas Gage places Boston under this.


Civilian soldiers,began to quietly, stockpile firearms and gunpowder.

Valley Forge

This is the site of the Continental Army's camp during the winter of 1777-1778.


This is where, on Christmas night in 1776, George Washington led 2400 men in rowboats across an ice-chocked river.


This victory for the Colonists dramatically changed Britain's war strategy.


This is what resulted when congress printed more and more money.


This is what corrupt government officials engaged in when they sold scarce goods for very high prices during the Revolutionary War.

New York

After withdrawing from Boston in 1776, the British tried to isolate New England by seizing this city.


British troops occupied this city in the winter of 1777-1778 while Washington and his troops camped in the woods.


On October 17, 1781, British General Charles Conwallis raised the white flag of surrender bringing an end to the seige of_ as well as the war.

Friedrich Von Stueben

A talented drillmaster, transformed the Continental Army during the winter at Valley Forge by teaching the soldiers how to execute field maneuvers, fire and reload quickly, and wield bayonets.

Marquis de Lafayette

Aided the American cause by joining George Washingtons staff leading a command in Virginia, and suggesting the military strategy that resulted in surrender of the British Army.

Charles Cornwallis

Ambitious General, sailed south with 8500 men.

Treaty of Paris

September 1783 delegates signed this. Confirmed U.S. independence and set the boundaries of the new nation.


A belief in the equality of all people. EQUAL