World War 2


a lightning war or fast military attack

panzer divisions

what are armored columns called?

a strike force of about 300 tanks with accompanying forces and troops

what was exam panzer made up of?

Polish lines and encircled polish troops

where did the blitzkrieg break through?

Germany and Soviet Union; September 28, 1939

who makes a pact on dividing Poland and what was the date?


the attack on the Polish began what?

April 9, 1940

What date did Hitler resume attack on Denmark and Norway?


who created a Maginot Line?

Maginot line

A series of concrete and steel fortifications armed with heavy artillery

no but attacked France from its border with Belgium

did the Germans cross the Maginot Line?


Where did the Germans trap the Allied armies (France and Great Britain)?


Who signed the armistice on June 22, 1940?

Winston Churchill

After Dunkirk, who rallied the British people?

Winston Churchill

who was Prime Minister of Great Britain as of May 1940?


What did the United States believe in?

Neutrality acts

what type of acts were passed in 1930s to prevent US from taking sides in European wars?

cash and carry

having to pay for trades up front without loans and had to transport it themselves


who launched a major air offensive attack on Britain?

air and naval bases, harbors, communication centers, and war industries

In August 1940, Germany planes bombed what Britain locations?

radar systems

What did the British have to warn them of incoming German attacks?

postponed the invasion of Great Britain indefinitely

When Great Britain Air Force inflicting many losses on Luftwaffe bombers, what did Hitler do?

problems in Balkans

why was Hitlers attack on the Soviet Union postponed?

exposed his southern flank to Great Britain air bases in Greece

when Mussolini's failed invasion of Greece what happened to Hitler?

seize both Greece and Yugoslavia in April

to secure Hitlers Balkan flank he did what?

June 22, 1941

when did Hitler invade the Soviet Union?

not having winter uniforms

what stopped the Germans for the first time?

December 7, 1941

when did Japanese aircraft attack the US naval base in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii?

Southeast Asia and western Pacific

by spring of 1942, where had Japanese conquered?

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

is the name for new areas the now Japan controlled

Prime Minister Hideki Tojo

who largely dictated Japan policy and became military dictator as well?

European nations and Nationalist China

Who did US join to defeat Japan?


Who declared war on US 4 days after Pearl Harbor?

Grand Alliance

United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union

streets military operations and ignore political differences

what did the Grand Alliance agreed to?

Axis powers

Germany, Italy, Japan

French North Africa

In November 1942 where did British and American forces invade?


a major industrial center on the Volga River

Battle of Stalingrad

perhaps the most terrible battle of the war, between (November 1942-February 2, 1943) the Soviets launched a counterattack


The Entire German Sixth Army, considered the best of Germans troops were lost at what battle?

Battle of the Coral Sea

US Naval forces stopped the Japanese advance and saved Australia from being invaded

Battle of Midway Island

US defeated the Japanese navy and established naval superiority in the Pacific and destroyed 4 Japan aircraft carriers

General Douglas MacArthur

moved into the Philippines through New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands

island hopping

going from place island to to the next

soft underbelly of Europe

what did Churchill call what Great Britain started to take Italy?

King Victor Emmanuel

of Italy and arrested Mussolini


was made the head of a German puppet state in Northern as the Germans moved in and occupied much of Italy

The Italian war

what was secondary importance to the Allied forces because the awaiting opening the second front in Western Europe?

June 6, 1942

when was D-Day?


Allied forces under US general Dwight D. Eisenhower landed on Normandy beaches in history's greatest naval invasion

Battle of the Bulge

December 1944-January 1945 Germany counteroffensive created a "bulge" in Allied lines


Who committed suicide in a 55 feet bunker on April 30, 1945?


who shot by Italian resistance two days after?

Germany and then the war in Europe was over

who surrendered on May 7, 1945?

Iwo Jima and Okinawa

What acquisition helped allied military draw even closer to the main Japanese Islands?

Harry S. Truman

who became president after FDR passed away in April 1945?

Manhattan Project

top secret project which developed the atomic bomb


who split the first uranium atom?

Stagg Field in Chicago

where was the first nuclear chain locate in the United States?

Los Alamos, NM

Which was the United Sates main test and assembly site of the atomic bomb?

July 16, 1945

When did the Trinity test occur?


what was the name of the first atomic bomb?

Hiroshima; Little Boy

Where was the first bombed dropped and its name?

Nagasaki; Fat man

where was the second bomb dropped and its name?

Emperor Hirohito

emperor of Japan at the time when US dropped two atomic bombs and had to surrender on August 14, 1945

Nuclear Age

The bombing of Japan marked what age?

Soviet Union and United States

What two countries have been at a arms race for 40 years?

Cold War

what war followed WWII?

Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill (SU, US, GB)

who were the leaders of the Big Three?


What did Roosevelt favor like Woodrow Wilson?

divide in four zones

The big three made plans to do what with Germany after war?

Numerberg, Germany

where were Nazi leaders war crime trials?

Iron Curtain Speech

what speech did Churchill gave in March of 1946?