History 2-3 Test

Which one is not a Middle Colony?


Who founded the colony of Rhode Island?

Roger Williams

Who founded the settlement of Jamestown?

John Smith

Which is not a New England colony?


Why were the Navigation Acts passed by parliment

To restrict colonial trade

France's most important economic activity in North America in the 17th century was?

Fur Trading

Which of the following was NOT characteristic of the English seyylements on the New World?

Their settlements were oriented towards trade with the Indians

Quakers are associated with___________


Who explored Newfoundland,Nove Scotia and claimed it for England?

John Cabot

The major crops in the southern colonies were ________ _____ and ___________.


In ____,England did loosen its hold as long as raw materials continued flowing into the homeland.


The __________ accused mainly independent women on witchcraft.

Salem Witchcraft Trials

The _____________ placed a duty on foregin made molasses and strengthened the laws against smuggling cases.

Sugar Act of 1764

The most well known triangular trade involved


Men and women of the colonies consider themselves ____________ of the first of the 1700's.

Loyal British Subjects

The ________ was an unsessful attempt to stop slavery in the southern colonies.

Stono Rebellion

By 1760, the colonist had built __________ of the British ships and producing more iron than England was.

One Third

During the____________ war George Washington attacked small detachment of French soldiers, the French forced Washington to surrender.

French and Indian

Compared to the southern colonies the Northerns colonies in _______ were more urban.


King Phillip's war in 1675, _______________ attacked burned and settlements throughout New England.

Native Americans

Nathaniel Bacon detested the ______________ and raised an army to fight Native Americans on the Virginia frontier

Native American.