Reeves test for Huck Finn 16-32

As they approach Cairo and freedom for Jim what does hucks conscience say to him?

That he is a bad person for helping Jim run away from miss Watson when she never wronged him. Also that he should turn him in.

What does Jim say that makes huck feel "sick

He thanks him for being his only friend and keeping his promise which make his freedom happen

What does huck answer when the two slave owners ask about his companion

He says that he is a white man that is sick with smallpox

What happens to the raft as they figure out they have passed Cairo

A steering boat comes and breaks the raft in half. Huck ends up in the shore of a house. Jim disappears.

What is the name of the family that takes huck in


Who are they in a feud with

The Shepherdsons

What is the name of the son who is hucks age

Buck Grangerford

What reason does buck give to wanting to kill Harney shepherdson

Their family's feud

Sophia Grangerford asks huck to fetch her bible at church. What does he find in the bible

A note that says half past two

Huck slaves owner offers to show huck some water moccasins. What does he lead him to

To Jim

What news does he learn of Sophia

That she has run away with Harney to get married

What does huck mean when he says that he had rather not come to the house to see such things

He would never want to see buck dead and the hatred between families

When huck gets back on the raft he sees two men running who are they?

The king - a 70 year old man that is bald and has whiskers he had to flee because he was a drunk.
The duke- a 30 year old who used to sell paste to clean teeth that didn't work

After discussing money making campaigns what do the king and the duke decide on

To put on a Shakespeare performance. King goes in town pretends he is a pirate and earns $80
Duke gets $10 selling print and gets reward poster for Jim.

What brutal event does huck witness in the town with a circus

Colonel Sherburn shoot and kill drunken Boggs in front of his daughter

A lynch mob goes after colonels home. What do they do after he pulls out his gun

They leave and disperse

why don�t they stop at cairo and go north?

they miss it in the fog at night

when huck gets to the grangerfords, how does he remember the fake name he has given them

he tricks buck into spelling it

what is the theme that emmeline grangerford is the most interested at?


where was moses when the candle blew out

in the dark

what event sets off the battle between the grangerfords and the sheperdsons?

an elopement

which of the following quotes best describes the time huck and jim spent after leaving the grangerfords

� you feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft�

how does huck meet up with the duke and the king?

he meets them in his canoe

which of the following best explains why huck did not let anyone know that he knew the duke and king were frauds?

he learned from his pap that it is best to let these types have their own way

how does the duke arrange for them to travel during the daytime?

he prints some reward posters

why did boggs make such a fuss befire Col. sherburns store?

he was drunk, he accused sherburn of chesting him, he called sherburn names in front of the crowd

why did boggs get shot

the townspeople could not get boggs to calm down, Col. sherburn gav a deadline to shut up, boggs daughter could not get there in time to calm him down

why doesn�t the townspeople lynch col. sherburn for the killing?

sherburn laughs at them and calls them less than a man, sherburn calls them all cowards, sherburn holds his gun and tells them to go home

where does huck go to after sherburn dispenses the mob?

the circus

which of the follwoing would be the best reason for twain to include the description of the circus

because it contrasted with the �talent� and � performances� of the duke and king

What does the duke do so that Jim does not need to be tied up in the wigwam all day?

The duke paints his face and other parts of his body blue so he will look like a sick Arab rather than a runaway slave.

Who gives the king the information about the Wilks family?

The king gets all his information from a "young country jake" who is taking a trip to South America. They pick him up and take him to the steamboat.

What are the names of the three Wilks sisters?

The three Wilks sisters are Mary Jane (19 years old), Susan (15), and Joanna (14).

Who meets the king, the duke, and Huck when they reach the shore in the yawl?

About two dozen people meet them at the boat dock, but the news travels fast and soon the streets are flooded with curiosity seekers.

How do the Wilks girls react when they see the king and the duke?

They welcome their long-lost uncles with open arms, since they have never seen their real uncles and don't know what they look like.

How does the crowd react when the king names several of Peter Wilks' closest friends and invites them for supper?

6. The crowd is impressed. The fact that he knows them by name gives him credibility as the true brother of Peter Wilks.

Does the duke say anything to the townspeople?

No, he does not say anything because he is supposedly the deaf brother of Peter Wilks.

8. Why do the king and duke give the Wilks sisters $415 of their own money?

They find that the money hidden in the basement is short $415. They want to make sure they will not be suspected of stealing.

Who is Dr. Robinson? How does he feel about the king and the duke?

Dr. Robinson is a well-respected citizen in town. He thinks the king and the duke are frauds and imposters who should be driven out of town.

What does Dr. Robinson think about the king's English accent?

Dr. Robinson thinks the king's imitation of an Englishman is the worst he has ever heard.

Why do the women insult their own food?

The women make degrading comments about their food so that they can elicit compliments from their guests.

What incident in the novel convinces Huck that he must get the money back to the Wilks girls?

The kindness of Mary Jane and Susan, and Joanna's apology for her accusations while they are eating in the kitchen convinces Huck that these girls do not deserve to be defrauded by the king and the duke.

In what way will Huck get the money from the king and the duke?

Huck decides that stealing the money would be the safest course of action.

Where does Huck hurriedly hide the money? Why does he choose this particular spot?

Huck hides the money in Peter Wilks' coffin. His plan to take the money outside is thwarted when the door is locked. When he hears Mary Jane's footsteps, he quickly slips the bag of gold under the coffin lid and disappears.

How do the king and the duke justify selling the property so soon after the funeral?

The king and duke promise to take the Wilks girls home to England to live with them. The king is in a hurry to get back because his congregation needs him back in the pulpit.

6. Where do the slaves go when they are sold?

The two sons were sold up the river to Memphis and their mother was sold down the river to New Orleans.

Why does the king sell the slaves the day after the funeral? How does the duke feel about this?

The king meets a slaveholder and makes a quick sale. The duke feels that it was "quick sales and small profits." He is proven right when they later assume that the slaves took their six thousand dollars with them.

Why does the duke wish he had kept the slaves?

The duke admires the con game that he thinks they have played when they pretended to be sorry to leave but took the money with them. He feels he could have made a fortune with their acting talents.

. How do the Wilks girls react when the slaves are sold?

The girls' hearts are broken to see them sold away from the town and separated from their families.

Why doesn't Huck tell on the king and the duke when they allow the slaves to be separated from their families?

Huck comes close to telling on the king and the duke when he sees the reaction of the girls, but he knows they will soon be back since the sales are illegal.

Why does Huck tell Mary Jane the truth?

He sees how sad she is about the separation of the slave families and tells her they will soon be back.

Why does Hines think that the king is an impostor?

He saw the king in a canoe the day before the funeral.

Why does Huck ask Mary Jane to leave town?

Huck asks Mary Jane to leave so her face will not reveal the truth about the king and the duke after Huck has told her the whole story.

. How does Huck tell Mary Jane that he put the bag of money in the coffin?

He does not have the heart to tell her in person so he writes her a note and asks her not to read it until he has gone.

How does Levi Bell propose to find who the true Wilks brothers are?

. He tries to compare their handwriting to letters Peter Wilks has received from his brothers, but it does not work because William Wilks has broken his arm and cannot write.

What were the misfortunes of the Wilks brothers?

Their baggage has been dropped off in the wrong town, and one of the brothers has broken his arm.

How do they finally solve the problem of identification?

By exhuming the body of Peter Wilks to find out who is right about the tattoo on his chest.

Why don't they believe Huck when he says he's English?

Huck does not have an English accent.

On his way to the raft what does Huck see in the middle of town?

Huck sees the candle burning in Mary Jane's window.

Why did Hines let go of Huck's hand allowing him to get away?

Hines was so surprised to see the bag of gold in the coffin that he forgot himself and let go of Huck's hand.

Who does the duke think hid the money in the coffin?

The Duke thinks the King hid the money in the coffin so he could come back later and have it all for himself.

How do the duke and king prosper in the days following their escape?

They go back to their old ways of cheating people out of money, but they never seem to make enough.

Who sells Jim out?

The King sells Jim out for $40.

Briefly describe the Phelps farm.

The Phelps farm is a small plantation that is calm and peaceful.

Who does Mrs. Phelps think Huck is?

Mrs. Phelps (Aunt Sally) thinks Huck is Tom Sawyer, her nephew.

What makes Huck decide to write to Miss Watson?

Huck decides to write to Miss Watson because if Jim is caught it would be better for him to be back home with her and near his family then to be owned by strangers. He tears up the letter though because he decides he has to help Jim escape again.

Sophia Grangerford asks huck to fetch her bible at church. What does he find in the bible

A note that says half past two

Huck slaves owner offers to show huck some water moccasins. What does he lead him to

To Jim

What news does he learn of Sophia

That she has run away with Harney to get married

Sophia Grangerford asks huck to fetch her bible at church. What does he find in the bible

A note that says half past two

Huck slaves owner offers to show huck some water moccasins. What does he lead him to


Sophia Grangerford asks huck to fetch her bible at church. What does he find in the bible