Micro Mod 3&4 Quiz

which term refers to a nutrient that is required by a microorganism in large quantities for use in cell strucure and metabolism


the term phototroph refers to an organism that

gets energy from sunlight

various techniques by which scientists manipulate DNA in the lab are called

genetic engineering

The deliberate removal of genetic material from one organism and combining it with the genetic material of another organism is a specific technique called

recombinant DNA technology

which technique will hopefully be used to identify and devise treatments for diseases based on genetic profile of the disease


the movement of substances from lower to higher concentration across a semipermeable membrane that must have specific protein carrier and cell expenditure of energy is

active transport

when whole cells of large molecules in solution are engulfed by a cell, this endocytosis is specifically termed


A microorganism that does not have catalase or superoxide dismutase would find it difficult to live in an environment with


which location would best support the growth of a halophile

salt lakes

the phase of bacterial growth curve during which microbial growth slows and the rate of multiplication equals the rate of cell death is the

stationary phase

which term refers to the diffusion of water through a semipermeable membrane


formation of peptide bonds between amino acids to build a polypeptide is


the cell's metabolic reactions involve the participation of ____ that lower the activation energy needed for the initiation of a reaction


enzyme that are only produced when substrate is present are

induced enzyme

what is the final electro acceptor during aerobic respiration


____ reactions are anabolic reactions involving ligases for synthesis and release of one water molecule for each bond formed


enzymes that function inside a cell are


the _____ is all of the genetic material of a cell


the expression of genetic traits is the


the antiparallel arrangement within DNA molecules refers to

one helix strand running 5'-3' and the other run 3'-5'

helicase function

unwinds DNA

the three base sequence on RNA that codes for an amino acid is


the RNA molecules that carry amino acids to the ribosomes during protein synthesis are

transfer RNA

RNA molecules differ from DNA molecules because only RNA

contains ribose, contains uracil, does not have thymine

what type of mutation alters the case but not the amino acid sequence